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April 2018

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Vince Gironda says: “Eff you, Carbos. You can suck my [expletive deleted]. You can’t get me, Carbos, because you’re just God’s farts.” In the information age, more than ever, it seems extremely common for trends in what passes for rational and intelligent thought and discourse to emerge wherein a particular opinion is held aloft as unassailable truth.

One of the most horrifying trends in powerlifting in the modern era is the tendency for most lifters to adopt the program du jour and then proceed to suck at lifting along with every other weaksauce candy ass blindly performing the reps and sets outlined therein. Conscious thought among the average lift in powerlifting

Pretty dapper for a badass. There have been a great many badass, blow-up-your-sorry-ass-with-a-fireball wizards throughout the ages, from the limp-wristed, Harry Potter-esque Merlin to psychotic Russian demagogue Rasputin to the Antichrist Aleister Crowley. None of them, however, possessed a combination of characteristics so diverse that they were essentially a combination of Bruce Lee, David Blaine,