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PWND Gamerz - Aggro

PWND Gamerz - Aggro

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Supplement Facts


PWND Aggro is a high-octane, hyper-driven, focus-laden energy drink that works just as well in the gym as it does in the office or on the couch while gaming. Aggro fuels you ways other energy drinks cannot- it combines traditional and newer, more novel stimulants with a variety of compounds intended to improve alertness and cognition to turn you into a mental juggernaut brimming with energy. Unlike any other formula ever created, Aggro's bleeding-edge formula enhances mental function, reduces reaction time, and provides laser-like focus in ways you've never experienced.

Aggro's exclusive combination of ingredients includes:

  • N-Methylpentyl-iminoglutaric Acid, a newcomer to the supplement scene that improves mood and focus and provides jitter-free energy with no crash
  • Max Endure XT™, a proprietary ingredient that increases stamina
  • Orchilean™, another proprietary ingredientwhich has stronger stimulant properties than caffeine and increases alertness and focus
  • Caffeine di-malate and caffeine anhydrous for fast-acting energy
  • Three separate brain-boosting ingredients to improve cognition and reaction speed.


For insane reaction time, laser focus, and unbridled energy, chug one (1) scoop about 30 mins or sip it while you crush your opposition.

Aggro PWND Gamerz Stim Pre Workout/PreGame Supplement

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57 Reviews

  • Posted on 20 Jul 2016 5

    "This works great! The difference was almost immediately. It helped with brain fog and definitely makes me more focus. Very Impressive!"

  • Frank

    Posted on 26 Jun 2016 5

    "I've been taking a rigorous course where they don't provide information of any type. My practice test I scored a 58. Passing is 70 which is incredibly hard to achieve. I used this combined with genius and davinci! Wow! I memorized everything I've learned. Passed my final course and will be graduating! Thank you chaos and pain! Can't make this stuff up! The products just work! "

  • Jesse

    Posted on 02 May 2016 5

    "Just love it. Great energy and focus."

  • Valerie

    Posted on 09 Apr 2016 5

    "I bought two flavors to try this after reading the reviews. Hulk Juice, which is my favorite and Strawbloody Kiwi, it's okay flavor wise. I use 1 scoop and it helps with concentration. I have no jitters or racing heart etc. I have always been pleased with every product I have purchased from this company. They work!! Thank you Chaos and Pain for high quality and effective products. "

  • ryan

    Posted on 09 Mar 2016 5

    "I have a sales job. I talk on the phone all day trying to close deals etc. Its hard to make 300-500 calls daily but I sip 1-2 scoops daily and I keep going and going, Kinda like the energizer bunny, but I get no crash or jitters. Just straight focus and consistent energy. I highly recommend this stuff, I cant live with out it."

  • Josh

    Posted on 27 Jan 2016 5

    "A buddy at work had a coupon code for me to use so I gave this a try after wanting to try another similar product for gaming. It works as advertised. I'm more focused, and attentive. I haven't tried gaming with it yet but using it as a replacement for coffee and it's been great. Watermellon flavor is the best. "

  • Steve

    Posted on 26 Jan 2016 5

    "Nice smooth energy, no jitters and no crash, perfect for me at work and my wife who's in school."

  • Steve Jr

    Posted on 22 Jan 2016 5

    "I am an automotive mechanic so sometimes it gets stressful and tiring. I ALWAYS have this AGGRO at the ready. If you aren't using it.... WHY?????"

  • Posted on 19 Jan 2016 5

    "Daddi likes his aggro a lot. Makes him alert during gaming and lifting. He recamends it. Takes it before work he likes it more than Starbucks helps him focus on the tissue @ hand. "