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Aggro Citrulline Bottle


PWND Gamerz - Aggro

PWND Aggro is a high-octane, hyper-driven, focus-laden energy drink that works just as well in the gym as it does in the office or on the couch while gaming. Aggro fuels your ways other energy drinks cannot- it fires you up while chilling you out, so that your reflexes stay frosty while your attention is at razor-sharp focus.

Citrulline Malate

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Blender Bottle

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Sometimes in life you need something to take your abilities to the next level.  An ergogenic aid to dominate everyday of life that doesn’t cost you ten plus dollars every time you go to the local gas station or super market.  Energy drinks have literally become a new form of smoking in a monetary sense, they drain the wallet and often times the user themselves.  People find themselves spending ten plus dollars a day on subpar energy drinks.  Well no more, we are putting to stop to that with this mini Aggro stack!

The Aggro:  There is nothing more satisfying than crushing your day, whatever it may consist of, just utterly annihilating it and watching it burn.  Aggro is the peas to your carrots, this baby will have your eye hand coordination screaming at it top potential and all of your motor neurons fully saturated to crush through the day and just flat out dominate.  Aggro, unlike many of the terribly energy drinks on the market is sugar free, so, you won’t have to worry about blowing away your diet and becoming a literal trash can.  To top all of this magic off, Aggro, unlike those trashy competitors will support you in lowering your stress level from your already hectic lives, making the transition to relaxation far smoother.  This Energy drink in a little tub that really goes the distance.

The Citrulline Malate: This extremely potent and marvelously awesome single ingredient does one thing, increases blood flow all over the body like non other!  The body converts this bad boy into nitric oxide, which as you can guess increases blood flow.  With an increase in blood flow you can assume there will be an increase in energy and alertness, its probably science.  Also, you will be moving nutrients around the body, like chemical signals in the blood that support body functions across the board.  This pretty important stuff, so do not slack on it.

The Swag:  There really is nothing better than crushing the day, wait, there actually is.  You could be crushing the day with a dope AF Chaos and pain blender bottle.  This bottle will have you looking dope and performing just as well.  Also, we need you as a shameless plug for the brand 24/7/365, so go right ahead and get your swag game up.


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