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Baphomet Pure Evil Shirt


(20 customer reviews)
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Are you the most hated motherf*cker on your block?  We sure are.  No one can understand the incredible awesome that Chaos and Pain embodies, just as no one seems to understand exact what the Knights Templar’s obsession with the mysterious demon Baphomet was.  Melt minds and represent your set with Baphomet on your side.  Most hated for the win!

Product Details: 

  • preshrunk 50% polyester/25% cotton/25% rayon extremely soft jersey
  • 4.3 oz.
  • 1×1 rib-knit satin collar
  • no-itch satin label

20 reviews for Baphomet Pure Evil Shirt

  1. Kristen (verified owner)

    Great shirt I bought it to help me look badass when I train and to insure people leave me alone when I lift. I am a 5’4 135 pound female and the medium fits great

  2. Brian Yohe Jr (verified owner)

    Shirt looks good and fits good.

  3. Trav (verified owner)

    I bought this shirt and love it. Fits snug on the arms and is soft as all hell. Also, their shipping is 2nd to none. Your stuff always ships the same day and arrives in 2 days normally.

  4. Linto

    The fact that these guys made a shirt like this for a heavy metal enthusiast like me, where ever I walk people give me dirty looks, and that’s exactly what i love. Can’t wait to buy more!

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Purchased a small for the wife. Fits good. It would be great to have some women options as well, but the quality and print is sick!

  6. jason moore

    I love it, great design, looks wicked and gets looks and also you left alone while lifting. Looking forward to buying more shirts and awesome products from this company. Thanks

  7. John Petruzzi

    This shirt says it all and nothing else needs to be said. However its like Jordan shoes, it makes you bigger, stronger, faster just wearing it. The material is absolutely awesome and comfortable. The hashtag on the back is fitting! People look at you and wish they were you…

    I’m 5’8 204 and the XXL fits perfect

    FTW- “Those who are, not as others….”

  8. Anonymous

    Fits great, feels good. Only complaint is the design is pretty muddy looking, maybe been copied too many times.

  9. Anonymous

    Dirty, deliberate and just plain nasty. I received stares that could kill when I wore this t-shirt. The vain part of me loved the attention but the bad ass in me looked back with a deadlier stare. The fit is spot on and the quality of the shirt is superb. Thanks

  10. manletPLer

    Not my first CnP shirt order and here is why: Not only are there some kick ass designs but the shirts are cut to actually fit people that are built with muscle instead of soft blobs or skinny slouching weaklings.

    It’s always frustrating trying to buy shirts because they are either perfect at the shoulder/neck but too loose on the waist or they fit at the waist and are super tight on arms/neck. So far CnP have been one of the few sites to carry a tshirt wih a good cut.

    5’8″ 182lb – Medium size fits awesome.

  11. DB

    I feel like I’m cuddling with Satan. I was hoping the front graphic would cover more of the shirt as shown in the image, but it still looks awesome. This run didn’t use the tri-blend shirt, but the material is still quality and soft as all hell.
    I’m just glad C&P finally did another printing, as I was waiting for this shirt.

    It wears well too. I’m 5’11, 225, and the XL is tight where it needs to be and loose where it should. I’m not going to lie…I found myself stroking the shirt over the past week as though I was on ecstasy.

  12. Bryan Needham

    First let me say this shirt is soft and thin, but a good thin. I’m 6’2″ 208lbs, muscular. Shirt is long enough and fit nicely. It accentuates wide shoulders and gives me a even better looking v taper and fit tights on my arms.

    Second. I love the looks I get with the huge baphomet/pure evil on the front. I get the WTF look from people and I give them a evil grin back….LOVE IT….Buy THIS SHIRT OR ANY OTHER YOU’RE WANTING…You won’t be disappointed

  13. Brian

    I was surprised how high the quality was of the t-shirt. Not only is it a badass looking shirt but comfortable as all hell too!

  14. imgroce

    This shirt is metal as fuck. If you want to look intimidating and scare sheeple, then by all means get this bad ass shirt. Cause you KNOW every motherfucker who watches you walk away sees a fat #MOSTHATED staring right back into their slack-jawed face. Shirt is so comfy it feels like I personally ripped the wings off of angels and duct taped that shit to my body.

  15. Aaron Banes

    This shirt isn’t just incredibly offensive, it’s (L size) extremely flattering on my 5’10” 235 lb frame. Most shirts that fit my chest make me look like I’m wearing a dress.
    As a 24 year old college student, few things are more gratifying than seeing fellow students from Kansas and Missouri squirm uncomfortably as they feel offended by the horned demon staring them down from my chest. Not only have I noticed an increase in my fear effect, but it seems like women have been frothing at the crotch to jump on and ride the meat pony as soon as they see how devastated the other males are upon getting within my area.
    This is the best shirt I’ve ever had. It’s comfy as f*#&, just for the record.

    10/10 Would buy again.

  16. Rooster

    Design is awesome and the cut and feel of the shirt are bang on. The material is softer than the previous generation of Jamie’s shirts, but again the fit is just right (I’m 5’7″ and 200lb, and the large a good fit for me).
    Scaring meek motherfuckers all day long!

  17. andrea meyer

    The shirt is extremely soft and comfortable as fuck. Like heaven slathered happy comforting softness all over your skin. Yet the logo is fucking amazing as well as the “Most Hated” words on the back. I walked past this bread place that all the straight-laced church folk like to eat at on my way to the gym and the looks were hilarious as well as at the gym. If you want everyone to give you loving hugs and societal approval this isn’t the shirt for you, but if pissing people off or scaring them amuses you or you just like badass art and logos this is a great shirt.

  18. tdogg69

    Shirt itself is great quality. Very soft. Fits well through shoulders and chest while not looking like a dress at the waist.

    5/5 would conquer a village while wearing.

  19. Anthony D. Hurst

    Of course the design is bad ass, but what you don’t get from the photos is how soft the fabric is. Fit is extremely comfortable and flattering even on my medium-sized frame. I’ll be ordering more designs.

  20. Anonymous

    This is a fantastic shirt, the material is so soft it feels like baby skin. It also makes you look bigger than usual. I would recommend this shirt to anybody, even dem bloody Christians.

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