Chaos and Pain blender bottle.

Blender Bottle



Perfect for shaking up that magic sauce! 

Chaos and Pain blender bottle.

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  • Posted on 10 Mar 2016 5

    "I've used and discarded plenty of these blender bottles. This one looks great (cool color cool logo). But more importantly: the lid seals on REALLY well, and the flippy thing at the top is attached firmly. Well-made. No leaks. All my other blender bottles were forever leaking. Shake this cup without fear!"

  • Michael Maloney

    Posted on 19 May 2015 5

    "I love this product and I love the label.
    It really stands out at the gym."

  • Jennifer

    Posted on 01 Jan 2015 5

    "Any questions? Love this bottle, threw out all others. "