Most everyone that takes supplements do it for a reason, or several reasons. Whether it’s because you want more balance in your nutritional intake to get bigger and stronger, or healthier, or to counteract a negative health issue. We prefer to focus on the bigger and stronger because that’s what we do. We build YOU into a skull crushing monster that doesn’t take shit from anyone. Does your supplement shop do that? Do they have proven founders that are world renowned for being the type of guys and gals you see on a wallet in Pulp Fiction? That’s right, that’s my Bad Mother Fucker. The odds are they don’t. So, you just must take their spoon fed promises in a daily shake and hope you didn’t get ripped off. 


It’s simple really. You know why people love barbecued steaks? Because they taste good. Some guy decided “hey, I’m going to put this meat over these coals and eat it, let’s see what happens”. The rest is history. Simply put, that guy PROVED that what he did not only WORKED but was amazing. The same applies a supplement shop. The first indisputable way to know if something works. Just check out the team that has already tried the products. Your supplement shop team are the pioneers that discovered what works, and how to make it work for you. In the case of Chaos and Pain, good luck finding a better and more proven team than world record holders and absolute gym gargantuan that dominate anyone and everyone.

The second indisputable way your supplement shop can show it’s legit is through reviews. These are the people that have no stake in the company but have tried the products as consumers. Did it work for them? They’re just everyday Joe’s like you or me. Those guys will tell it like it is, good or bad, because they don’t have a dog in the fight. So read up on the supplement shop reviews to see for yourself what the public thinks. 

The third indisputable way is through a sample. Everyone wants to see for themselves whether something works well or not. A supplement sample is the perfect test drive. Does it deliver the goods? Do you want more? You know where to go from there.

Anyone can write up a promising preview of what they’re trying to sell you. But if you really want to spend smart money, then look at who is selling it to you, what others think about the products after trying them, and try a little for yourself. If your supplement shop is failing on any of these points, look elsewhere.


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