Do you ever get to a burnout point where you feel like lifting just isn’t producing results for you quick enough? It just feels like you’ve hit a wall and you can’t seem to get to the level you want. Perhaps you need an upgrade in the protein department. And the solution might be Casein. You might not only be surprised, but also inspired by the results that casein products can give you. What’s the BEST part? It’s shows results MUCH quicker! Here’s a few ways that this little mighty giant in the protein world can change your workout results forever.


  1. Casein increases overall strength: Studies have shown that casein can double the strength results for the chest, legs, and shoulders when used in tandem with whey protein. This can be attributed to the anti-catabolic properties that casein provides. This means it provides the amino acids your body searches for when it breaks down muscle. With the right supplements, that process is nearly nullified, maintaining muscle strength.
  2. Slow and steady amino release: One of the greatest benefits of casein is its methodical release of amino acids. It has become a preferred choice of late-night beverages, as it’s positive effects can last up to 8 hours, which means it’s working while you sleep. A casein rich drink right before bedtime is an excellent way to preserve muscle.
  3. Fat loss is increased while hunger is reduced: It has been shown that an increase of 2-3 times your casein intake not only increases your metabolism rate during sleep, but it also increases your feeling of fullness by up to 33%. Higher metabolism coupled with a reduced feeling of hunger? Where do I sign up?

A bonus benefit of casein that is being researched is its effects on strengthening enamel while reducing decay caused by soft drinks or fruit juices. There is no doubt that a casein rich time-released protein blend will give you better results, and more benefits then you may have ever realized was possible. So, get some today!

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