• Chicken Breast and Turkey Breast: Most people have no issues with including chicken or turkey in their diets. The protein and BCAA content contained in chicken and turkey breast is right at or near the top of the list. Which shouldn’t be surprising considering that it is merely the extension of the egg. Which comes first is up to you.
  • Lean Beef and Flank Steak: By “lean beef”, we’re talking 95% lean. Chock full of protein and aminos, it’s the perfect man-meal. Unless you’re a vegan. But for this recommendation, we are talking about man meals, so…
  • Roasted Peanuts: That’s right. Peanuts. While it may not have the condensed protein content of the aforementioned BCAA foods, it has very good amino numbers. Perfect for snacking and providing what you’re looking for in your diet.
  • Fish: To be more specific, tilapia, wild salmon, or canned tuna. For those of you that like fish, you’ve got 3 solid choices here. There’s plenty of ways to cook up a good fish meal, and the benefits are numerous across the board with protein and amino content high in all three of these types of fish.

These are some solid “go-to” BCAA foods to supplement your dietary needs. It should be noted that NONE of these foods will ever supplant a BCAA supplement that you simply mix in water. But they do make excellent replacements as well as lunch or dinner options for when powder isn’t enough.



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