As an active person, you may need more nutrients and supplements than the average individual. Workout supplements are designed to fulfill the needs of your body but every supplement is different and knowing those differences is important. The variety of supplement options can be overwhelming to those who are just starting to take supplements or focus on their nutrition. You will find that supplementing and eating the right diet is essential to your success in sculpting or changing your body image. Without the right foods, vitamins, minerals and workout supplements, your progress will be hindered. Whether you are doing cardio or strength training, workout supplements are a must.

BCAA – Branched Chain Amino Acids

A BCAA formula is a branched chain amino acid mixture that improves endurance and is very important to muscle growth. There are nine vital amino’s required for humans and the three BCAA’s: leucine, valine and isoleucine account for about 35% of the critical amino’s in muscle proteins. BCAA’s are found in many protein shakes and powders but only a true BCAA workout supplement can provide a 2:1:1 ratio. If you are lifting weights and putting effort into bulking up, branched chain amino acids are essential to your progress.


Normally nootropics are not considered a workout supplement but athletes and bodybuilders have been giving them great support in recent years. Nootropics are designed to boost your thinking power, IQ, brain activity and mental focus. In essence, they give you an edge during your workouts and after. Nootropic blends often provide a boost of energy and enhanced cognitive awareness. You will feel more like your normal self, without the brain fog or fatigue that can ruin your day. If you want to be able to pound through a workout like it was nothing, then you need a nootropic to boost your brain power.

Pre-Workout Mix

Pre-workout is the type of stuff that gives you a real, tangible competitive edge over your competitors. Pre-workout is designed to make you more aggressive and with better endurance. You can get a skin-splitting pump going in a matter of minutes. Pre-workout mix has been shown to improve focus, reaction times, energy and more from just 1 scoop. Packaged with stimulants such as caffeine, precursors to neurotransmitters and more, pre-workout mix is the stuff you want to take right before hitting the weights.

Testosterone Booster

Do you ever feel tired, low on energy or not have much masculinity? As a man, our ability to feel masculine is directly related to our confidence and self-esteem. Testosterone is one way to boost those inner feelings and get a new found love for life. Many testosterone boosters are healthy ways to repair damage done to your natural testosterone levels while safely increasing your current levels. Testosterone boosters can make you more aggressive in the weight room with better focus and energy.

Fat Burners

If you love eating delicious food, you probably struggle with burning off the excess fat. Even hours a day of cardio sometimes can’t curb an unhealthy diet. Rather than cutting back on food altogether, try a fat burner and you will see how useful they can be as a workout supplement. As you watch the fat leave your body, you will wish you had tried this years ago. Some fat burners speed up thyroid activity while others speed up your adrenal system. Both versions can stimulate fat loss using natural bodily processes but one may have more side effects than another. Finding the right fat burner for you is often about trying out different products and observing your body’s natural reactions.

Workout supplements can be of huge assistance to your strength conditioning, weight lifting or cardio exercises. If you are exercising regularly, consider workout supplements as a way of improving your results without having to increase time in the gym. If you want to learn more about Chaos and Pain workout supplements, please contact us.



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