You’ve all heard the saying “amino acids are the building blocks of protein”. But do you know WHY this is the case? And what does that have to do with BCAA weight loss? It’s time for you to discover the missing piece to achieving your workout goals, as well as the answers to why you should be taking BCAA’s if you’re serious about weight loss. 


The following is a list of the how and why’s of what makes BCAA weight loss supplements so effective at ANY level of workouts, weight loss, and endurance improvement. 

  • Protein Breakdown Reduction: Your body wants to break down proteins to recover from strenuous activity. You want to retain more of that protein in your muscles. Quite simply, BCAA’s limit the body from burning up the good stuff, so it will instead focus on burning up fat. Good for your body, and good for you.
  • Increased Growth Hormone: This is the hormone that regenerates and reproduces the cells in your body. Also known as somatotropin, it also stimulates growth. This means you increase your muscle mass, and muscle strength. This also means the process of weight loss is enhanced. Since this hormone is the most important muscle building and fat fighting hormone in your body, it’s benefits cannot be understated. It should be noted, the results are lessened if you are obese, but can still have some positive effects. If your weight is brought down to a somewhat more manageable situation, BCAA weight loss is perfect for taking you the rest of the way.
  • Testosterone Booster: Guys, we gotten have it. Especially if you’re over 30 since it declines every year around that age. But for having the energy and raw power to achieve maximum results from working out, it’s an absolute must. This is what puts the RAWR in your gym workout, and in the bedroom.
  • Accelerated Weight Loss: If you use this in conjunction with a reduced caloric diet (help them out a little bit, and they’ll help you out a lot), your body will begin to do some amazing things. The reduction of body fat will increase dramatically (you and those who know you will begin to take notice), and the natural process of growth hormone secretion will increase. This means that you will look and feel better, FASTER.


Believe it or not, there is. Plenty more as it turns out. Here’s a few more reasons why BCAA supplements should be a part of your workout or weight loss regimen:

  • Heals Bones Quicker and Makes Them Stronger
  • Improves Heart and Cardiovascular Health
  • Reduces Erectile Dysfunction and Increases Libido
  • Better Sleep
  • Increased Cognitive Function and Improved Mood

Getting the point here? This stuff is PROVEN to work. BCAA weight loss supplements do more than just reduce weight. They do something for everyone. You’re missing out if you’re not using the best supplements of the modern world.

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