ArimiT, otherwise known as Arimistane or Androsta-3,5-Diene-7,17-Dione, is the strongest natural aromatase inhibitor on the market. Derived from 7-keto DHEA, ArimiT demonstrates an incredible ability to suppress estrogen and may increase fat loss and improve immune system function. Additionally, as an aromatase inhibitor (anti-estrogen), ArimiT blocks the production of estrogen, which is essential in post-cycle therapy, as estrogen levels tend to rise in concert with testosterone when certain forms of exogenous testosterone are used. When androgen levels are heightened, the hormone aromatase converts androgen into estrogen. Blocking aromatase is essential for men, as heightened levels of estrogen can lead to fat gains and eventually result in the growth of breast tissue, colloquially known as “bitch tits.” As no one wants “bitch tits”, it’s essential to suppress estrogen as much as possible.

ArimiT is essential for anyone coming off a cycle of exogenous testosterone.  Aromatase inhibitors have also been shown to increase testosterone production in non-AAS (Anabolic androgenic steroid) using males and are used by bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts to enhance their “cuts” and generally reduce fat. Aromatase inhibitors have also been shown to increase muscle mass in women in the sole study conducted on the subject.

No adverse side effects whatsoever have been shown in men from the use of aromatase inhibitors, with certain exceptions from extreme overuse of pharmacological aromatase inhibitors. Absolutely no negative side effects have been shown from the use of ArimiT in healthy adult males or women.

ArimiT is the backbone of the formula in Cannibal Alpha PCT, the strongest natural PCT (post-cycle therapy) product on the planet. For anyone who wants to maximize fat loss and hypertrophy, and to avoid the dreaded “bitch tits”, Cannibal Alpha PCT is essential!



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