Biohacking? Chances are you have never heard of it. But what is it? Some crazy way to hack biology. Yes and no.

Firstly, Biohacking refers to small, consistent changes in your lifestyle that make a noticeable difference in the performance of the body or mind. With that in mind, a Bio hack can be anything from supplementing with healthy fat, to standing in front of Red light for 20 minutes a day. Biohacking operates outside of the corrupt government regulatory intuitions, and allows for a faster, more collaborative approach to healing the body, and even anti-aging.  Now that you are caught up, let’s go over some of the Best Bio hacks currently available.


Are putting MCTs in your coffee a Bio hack? Yes!  Secondly, Biohacking is about making daily changes to improve the performance of the body or mind. Guess what?  Thirdly, when you add MCTs to your morning coffee, you will notice a nootropic, and enhanced thermogenic effect. After that, for those of you that aren’t familiar with Nootropics, they are supplements or drugs that enhance your memory or other cognitive functions. How do MCTs and Coffee work?

MCT stands for Medium Chained Triglyceride. These healthy fats have an almost impossible time converting into body fat because of their small size. For instance, since the body has an easier time breaking apart the Carbon bonds in MCTs, they are easier to absorb. Meanwhile, they are sent directly to the liver where they positively alter your metabolism and increase thermogenesis. When it comes to cognition, MCTs are small enough to bypass the Blood Brain Barrier and enter the cells of the brain unaided. The adult brain is approximately 80% fat. For instance, MCTs provide the building blocks for sustained brain health.


AMPK is an enzyme found in every cell in your body. It’s your body’s “master regulating switch. ” It determines your body fat composition and how long you will live.AMPK levels naturally decline as we age. What’s the big deal? Not much. Especially if you don’t mind storing unwanted abdominal fat, and premature death.

How are AMPK and sugar related? Glad you asked. However, we live in an era of overconsumption. Overconsumption of TV, social media, Dopamine stressors (porn, FB newsfeed, etc.), and food. When we eat too much, our bodies are overloaded with excess cellular waste and damaged proteins. Moreover, Eating too much disrupts our longevity genes (you will die sooner), and causes our pro-inflammatory genes to become dominate.  Therefore, you will store more abdominal fat, have less energy, and die sooner when AMPK levels decline. Concerned yet?

Luckily for all of us, there are several supplements that can help support healthy levels of AMPK, without requiring you to starve yourself.  Some of the best AMPK supporters are Glucose Disposal Agents, or GDAs.  I personally prefer Cannibal Carnage, Click Here for more info. It is a powder that you mix in your water, and drink it throughout the day. Plus, it makes your water taste amazing.

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Red Light therapy is one of the newest Biohacks available. This type of therapy has been around for a while; however, we haven’t had the technology to make it efficiently work until recently. LED bulbs have allowed manufactures to make a product that doesn’t emit unnecessary heat, with the longevity needed to deliver long term results.

There are two light wave ranges that researchers have found work the best for helping the body recover faster.

  1. Red light wavelength:  620-700nm
  2. Infrared light wavelength:  700-900nm

Furthermore, Red light is part of the visible spectrum of radiation emitted from the sun. Infrared light is slightly longer, is next to red light on the spectrum, and is invisible to the human eye. In addition, red light works primarily on the cells of the skin, while infrared light can penetrate the organs of the body.  So, what can Red Light Therapy do for you?

  1. Eliminate Acne
  2. Increase Testosterone
  3. Accelerate Wound Healing
  4. Increase Bone Density
  5. Eliminate Anxiety and Depression
  6. Enhance Brain Function
  7. Relieve Pain
  8. Heal Arthritis
  9. Regrow Hair on a Balding Scalp
  10. Heal Cancer


In conclusion, biohacking isn’t just a fancy buzz word. Therefore, biohacking is something you can do every day, at home, that can make a huge impact on your performance and health. If you aren’t Biohacking, try adding one or more of these ways to improve your performance.

  1. Add MCTs to your coffee.
  2. Increase AMPK with the help of a Glucose Disposal Agent.
  3. Start using Red Light Therapy for 20 minutes a day.

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