Life is hard sometimes. Beyond all the false motivational hype and people talking about their “hustle,” there’re some days where it’s easier to just say fuck it and go back to bed. House mortgage, car payment, cell phone bill, grocery bill, school bill, getting the kids ready to go back to school; all that shit gets tiring after a while. Due to all these constants, these unchanging priorities, it becomes all too easy to get comfortable. What exactly do I mean by comfortable? The best way I explain it to my clients is that comfort is when you’re not quite excited, but you’re not quite unhappy either. You’re kind of smack in the middle, in a “purgatory” more or less. Due to these neutral emotions, it becomes almost addictive to stay in this achromatic state of being.

Most people don’t want to do things that aren’t fun, that hurt, or take work. If you receive a negative experience from something, it usually prevents you from doing it again. However, many people love to be happy, and who wouldn’t? It’s fun, it feels good, and it doesn’t necessarily have to take work to get it. Many people blow their cash on things like clothes, cars, bets, drugs, jewelry, and other materialistic things. The issue with this is that it’s momentary, and you’ll eventually lose that “high” of happiness. You may very well be chasing to get that new “high” your entire life. Then what? You end up lying in your death bed finally understanding it was all for nothing.

What it comes down to is learning to break the mold not only in yourself, but of what modern society expects of you as well. Doing something meaningful and deliberate every day is what should matter. You need to wake up every day with a yearning to create something that will last long after you’re nothing more than bones and dust. Learn to love the journey of self-discovery through utter failure and loss. True and pure success only comes to the select few, those who’ve been knocked down and beaten through defeat yet refuse to stay on their knees. They are the ones that defy public norm. However, the reality is that today you can get away with never learning how to use a gun, picking up a weight, or doing anything strenuous. You can literally float through life and you’ll be “alright.” 

You should be asking yourself if being “alright” is enough for you. Is waking up like a drone in a beehive enough of a life for you? That is something you need to figure out for yourself. Are you willing to sacrifice comfort due to late nights, early mornings, embracing pain, accepting failure, chastised from doubters, and possibly being isolated in the pursuit of your human potential? You need to learn to relish in the failures and celebrate the successes sparingly. Remember, comfort is your grave marker. 

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