The logic here is simple- you’re going to lift so heavy and brutally that if you were participating in an orgy filled with obese people at an Acacia Strain concert, you’d… I have no idea where I wasgoing with that. The first exercise in every workout is all about strength, and the remainder is about hypertrophy.As everyone already knows, both are getting worked all the time, but the primary focus is maximal strength and then hypertrophy, respectively.

As with the Famine workout, if you have something you’d rather try, have at it- this stuff isn’t set in stone. Hell, if you want to tackle Eddie Hall’s 13.5 hour a week insanity, be my guest- you’ll never know how your body will respond unless you try it, no matter what the 150lb pussies on your favorite website of choice for pointless discussion of training techniques is.

Firstly, you’ll notice there are no loading protocols because you’re expected not to be a complete puss for a few weeks. Go heavy as hell. Take whatever rest period you need to attack the next set.

 Day 1

1/2 Squats– 12 x 2 (10 second holds at the top of the rep) (apparently the internet calls these Anderson squats now)

Wide Stance Good Mornings– 3 x 6 (go heavy on these to bring up your glutes and hams)

Hamstring Curls– 5 x 10-15

Calf Raises– 4 x

Pullups / Chinups– 5 x max

Day 2

Bench Press / Floor Press– 10 x 2; 2 x AMRAP with 60% of your work set weight and a wider

Weighted Dips– 4 x 6

Unweighted Dips– 2 x AMRAP

Military Press– 5 x 12 (do these reps short and fast. You’re not locking out on them, but keeping constant tension on the muscles and firing them off as quickly as possible)

Superset of Rope Pushdowns and Overhead Extensions– 5 sets with the weight you would use for sets of 12 on pushdowns and do AMRAP on both.


Day 3

Pull– 10 x 2 (I don’t care if these are high pulls, deadlifts, hex bar deads, rack pulls, or whatever. The what doesn’t matter so much as the why, and the why is because heavy pulls are the reason you have arms and hands)

Bent-Over Rows– 6 x 6 (again, the style you use matters not at all- the effort you put in does)

Face Pulls / Bent Over Laterals– 4 x 20 (the key here is working)

Hammer Curls– 4 x 6

Barbell Curls– 3 x 25 (Go light and get a huge pump. Bodybuilders do this stuff for a reason)

Day 4

Optional fill-in day. Use this for whatever you want to jam into the workout that’s not already in there. Body parts you want to bring up, pet lifts on which you want more work, etc.For me, this is always shoulders and arms, because neither can ever be too big (short of the synthol retards, who should be gassed and their corpses should be used to poison the IG broads filling their faces with the whore version of synthol, Juvederm).

Or use it as an off day if you need one. Let your conscience be your guide, slacker.

Jose Raymond, who has some of the sickest legs in bodybuilding, can rep 405 for 10 on the front squat pre-contest and has squatted 700 in the gym, had this to say about why he focuses on he doesn’t go as heavy anymore, and it wasn’t injuries: “Back in the day it was all about how much weight I could lift and for how many reps. That’s how I built the mass, but now what I need is a lot more separation and detail.”

In short, he was just getting too goddamn big from going crazy heavy.

Day 5

Front Squat / Back Squat– 6 x 3; 1 x AMRAP with 60% of your work weight

Hamstring Curl
Same rep scheme as the squatting, but with 2 AMRAP sets

Calf Raise– 8 x 6

Shrugs– 10 x 3 with at least 125% or your 1RM on deadlifts. No more bitch weights on shrugs.

Curl– 5 x 10 (Dealer’s choice on the exercise- just do some kind of curl. Get a good pump.)

Day 6

Strict Military Press / Push Press– 8 x 2

Klokov Press– 5 x 10

Incline Bench Press– 5 x 5

Close Grip Bench Press– 4 x 6

Skullcrushers– 1 x 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 2, AMRAP (with the weight you originally used for 10)

Day 7



So there you have it- the Feast, Famine, and Ferocity Diet Part 3: The Feast Program . Two weeks of rather unpleasant but productive protein sparing modified fasts and workouts designed to burn the fat fat off you like the skin off Germans being firebombed in Dresden followed by a month of eating like your gainz depend on it and training like a Tookie Williams on some badass PCP.

The net result will be net fat loss and net muscle gain, all in a timespan that the internet will claim is entirely unrealistic and the result of steroids because they’re jealous as hell and essentially useless. And even better yet, you can repeat this cycle as many or as few times as you like, depending on what you’re trying to accomplish, so you can drop this in as a quick six week shake-up or a six month bulk that will lean you out. Either way, like Parker Lewis, you can’t lose.


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