You’re faced with a decision. You can spend $3 to $5 on an energy drink that contains a bunch of crap you’ve never heard of. Or you can spend less than a dollar per serving, and get a better gamers energy drink boost, without the twitching and jitters that come with the commercial options. Your choice. This shouldn’t be that hard. It’s as easy to figure this out as it is to figure out you shouldn’t take on a boss without lots of healing potions.


Speaking of healing potions, what if you could heal your body’s low energy level, and beat down that online scrub from Europe that keeps killing you? Better yet, what if you beat everyone, and talked more shit than a kid in his mom’s basement? That’s what PWND Gamerz Aggro brings to the table. 

This is what I’m talking about, for you newbs out there that are still drinking energy drinks that do more harm than good:

  • Orchilean: Even the name is cool. Render your opponent’s helpless when Orchilean shows up. Or better yet, laugh while you watch them run in fear. This proprietary ingredient has stronger stimulant properties than caffeine. This means you get increased alertness, focus, and B button jamming abilities.
  • Max Endure XT: This proprietary ingredient increases stamina. Go longer, harder. The better way to put it for gamers would be “Moar Pew Pew, Less Q Q”. 
  • N-Methylpentyl-iminoglutaric Acid: This is a new supplement that improves mood and focus, while providing jitter free energy without the crash that energy drinks give you. 
  • Caffeine di-malate and caffeine anhydrous: This gives that extra energy boost that kicks in fast. By the time your loading screen finally finishes, you’re ready to rock. 
  • Three Brain Boosters: Need to react quicker? Of course, you do. Nobody likes giving up a long touchdown on Madden because they were too slow to react to a play action pass. Don’t be slow bro. Boost your cognition and smoke your opponent’s QB.

With about 30 drinks per container, which equals less than a dollar a serving, why would you spend 3-5 times as much for a lesser product? Seriously. Get a gamers energy drink that saves you enough money to buy the expansion pack when it comes out. And start pwning!

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