Are you the person that laughs at a joke even when you don’t “get” the punch line? Are you ever unsure if people are laughing at you or with you? Do you wish you could come up with smart azz remarks on demand instead of just standing their silently, looking at the floor, dreaming of the awesome person you wish you were?  Don’t worry, now you too can be awesome! Acacia Rigidula is the herb that is giving people a second chance at life. No longer will your friends have to worry about bringing you to the “nice” restaurants and other “important” social gatherings. Acacia Rigidula will make your friends long to be in your presence and experience firsthand your witty banter and keen opinions on vegan donuts and time travel. Apparently, if you eat a vegan donut upside down while running backwards with one eye shut, you can create a rip in the fabric of space and time. When this phenomenon occurs, you can either go forward or backwards in time, depending on how much of the donut you ate. I think it has something to do with the caloric energy required for time travel.

What’s so special about Acacia Rigidula?

Besides being from the Southwest USA and west Texas, Acacia Rigidula is just your normal IQ busting shrub. Two of its main components, Phenylethylamine, or PEA for short (don’t
call it short to its face, it doesn’t like that) and methylysnephrine give Acacia most of its power. PEA has been known to improve mood, and methylysnephrine works on the beta-adrenergic system to cause a release of adrenaline. Improving your mood and ability to process information faster is one way to improve intelligence quickly. With this potent one-two punch, you enter
a heightened state of clarity about your awesomeness!

Where can I find Acacia Rigidula?

Yes, Acacia Rigidula may be lurking around, but it works best when it has some help! That’s where Chaos and Pain come to the rescue!

Cannibal Genius!

Cannibal DaVinci

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How lucky are you?

How lucky are you?
You are lucky enough to experience first-hand the benefits of Acacia Rigidula and all her friends! Cannibal Genius is your everyday IQ stimulator. Take it on demand. Cannibal DaVinci is your masterpiece creator. Take it to change the way you think. When taken together, the benefits of both are multiplied! 

Now is the time to take back your thoughts. Take back your confidence. Take back your life! 


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