So, you want Thanos sized forearms and Infinity Gauntlet wielding grip strength? Well, luckily for you, you can accomplish both at the same time. Incorporate the following grip strengthening exercises and principles into your training, and before you know it you may be able to defeat the Avengers all by yourself. A grip full of power and strength is within reach for you – if you put in the effort.

Wrist Straps

Simply put, these need to be earned. Despite what some may think, they do not come standard with your gym membership. If you can’t deadlift at least twice your bodyweight and do 12-15 strict full-range pull-ups, then wrist wrap shouldn’t even be part of your vocabulary.

Think about it, your wrist/grip strength is a built-in governor by your body. If your grip is the limiting factor that you can’t perform a certain movement, then the solution is not to cover-up that weakness with wrist straps. That is a sure-fire way to eventually get injured. Your weakest link will still be your weakest link. And you are only as strong as your weakest link.

How do you fix it? Improve your wrist/grip strength and make it one of your strong points!

Here are 4 ways to increase your grip strength, and the size of your forearms:

#1 – Lift Heavy Stuff

If you really want to get Thanos sized forearms, then make lifts such as deadlifts, cleans, pullups, chin-ups, object pulls and stones a regular part of your training. Work in lower (3-6) rep ranges. Not only will this improve your grip strength, but it will also improve your overall strength and lean muscle mass. What good is powerful grip strength if you don’t do anything with it?

Also, climbing and pulling will help build up hand, wrist, and overall grip strength. Incorporate this wherever and whenever you can. Where you ask? At the playground with your kids, hang and swing on the jungle gym. Have access to a climbing rope? Use it. You get the idea. Don’t overthink, just do it when you can in addition to your regular gym training.


Example: Towel Pull- Up

What’s the best type of pull-up for increasing forearm size and grip strength? The towel pull-up! You combine an ordinary pull-up and towel into a grip-strengthening powerhouse of a movement. Make sure the towel you use doesn’t have any pre-existing tears in it, or you will probably end up on your ass as you’re blasting out reps.

This exercise is insane for real world grip, wrist, and hand strength. There are two versions for this exercise. The 1-towel version and the 2-towel version. Start with the 1 towel pullup and work your way up to 2 towels. If you can perform 15 strict reps with two towels, you’re in exclusive company.


Fat bars are fatter than a typical bar or attachment.

Example: Fat Bar Cable Curls

You can use fat bars on almost any exercise whether you are pulling, pressing, curling, or pushing. Unfortunately, most gyms don’t have specific fat bar equipment. However, you can use Fat Gripz or simply wrap a towel around the bar and make a DIY fat bar.

Gripping a fatter bar is usually enough to cause a positive training stimulus for most people. What’s cool about the fat bar cable curl is that it also places a unique training stimulus on your biceps. As with all curls, be sure to maintain a neutral wrist position throughout the exercise to maximize biceps stimulation.


It’s not just about if you can lift or hold something heavy, but also for how long you can hold the weight or object. If your grip fatigues quickly, what good does your strength do? Perform these grip challenges at the end of your workouts to really blast your forearms and grip strength.

#1 – Plate Hold

Can you make it to a minute? How about 2?

Watch out for your feet! Don’t drop the plates. Do your best to set them down gently and safely.

#2 – Upside- Down Hex Dumbbell Hold

These get very slippery very quickly but are great at building up your hand and finger strength quickly. Because of the unique shape of the hex dumbbell, these really give you a unique forearm and grip stimulus.

So, there you go. A complete forearm and grip training roadmap to help you get Thanos sized forearms and Infinity Gauntlet yielding grip strength.


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