Want shoulders like the Hulk? Of course, who doesn’t? So, how should you train your shoulders if you want to look like the Hulk? Glad you asked, because we’ve put together this no-holds-barred shoulder routine, so you can look like the Hulk with or without your shirt on this summer.

Generally, your shoulders typically do not need a ton of direct work if you already include pressing and pulling exercises in your training. In fact, too much direct shoulder work can hinder the development of other areas such as heavy horizontal pressing movements, like the bench press, because your body has limited recovery abilities. If your shoulders haven’t recovered by the time you bench, then your bench will suffer. Some people will find that they need to cut back on the volume of other pressing and pulling lifts if they want to get Hulk shoulders as fast as humanly possible.

Here are the two best ways to use this routine:

1. Use it the night before an important event when you want your shoulders to really leave an impression. This could be a holiday or simply a night out on the town with your boys. Do you have an upcoming wedding? Then why not bust into the chapel looking like your suit jacket is about to explode.

2. Use this workout for a three-to-four-week period leading up to when you want your shoulders to look their best. This is more for people who need to bring their shoulders up in the shortest amount of time possible. You might need to lower the volume on your other exercises, so you don’t over train. Listen to what your body is telling you. Everyone is different.

The Exercises


 The key is to start with a neutral grip (palms facing each other) as this is the safest position for the shoulders and rotator cuff. Heavy pressing is the base of any good set of shoulders, and you can’t press if your shoulders are hurt.

Use a 2-1-X tempo (2 seconds to lower, 1-second pause to ensure your shoulders are performing the movement and not momentum, and then lift as fast as possible) for 5 sets of 5 reps with 60-90 seconds of rest between sets.


 This one really gets the blood pumping and brings out the striations.

Begin in the same position you did above in the standing Dumbbell Shoulder Press with both arms straight above your head. This is your starting position! From here, perform a one arm shoulder press with your right arm while keeping your left arm fully extended. Once the right arm rep has been completed, perform a rep with the left arm while the right arm stays extended above. You have now completed one total rep. Perform 1 set of 24 total reps, 12 each side using a 2-X-1 tempo (2 seconds to lower, no pause, 1 second up).


Set up a cable station (or dumbbells) with pulleys in the bottom position. Grab the handles with the opposite hand and while leaning slightly forward, perform a side lateral raise. Now, lower the cable 1/3rd of the way and then raise back to the top position. Now lower all the way back down to the starting position. That is one rep.

Keep the neck still throughout the exercise. These can be performed one arm at a time or both arms at the same time. If you are pressed for time, do two arms at a time. Complete 3 sets of 10-12 reps using a slow and controlled speed throughout the exercise. No jerking. 60-90 seconds rest between sets.


Lie face down on a mat with your forehead supported on a rolled-up towel. With the arms out to the side and thumbs down, perform 12 reverse flys. Focus on squeezing the shoulder blades together and NOT shrugging.

After you’ve completed the 12th rep, point the thumbs forwards (your palms will now be facing the ground) and perform 12 more reps.

Lastly, rotate your thumbs towards the ceiling and perform 12 reps for a total of 36 reps using a 1-X-1 tempo. After you have finished each variation for 12 reps, you have completed one set. One set is usually all you will need.


Y’s are performed the same way as T’s, except your arms are extended forward and not to the side. In the starting position, you will be laying on your stomach with your head supported and your arms extended straight above your head. Like the T’s, perform 36 reps using 1-X-1 tempo. 36 reps equal one set.

Hulk Shoulder Smash Workout!!

Don’t be fooled. This is a tough shoulder routine and one that is higher on volume, especially when time under tension is considered. And like we stated above, you will probably need to lower the volume on some of your other exercises, so you don’t over train. Put in the hard work, and you will have Hulk shoulders by the Summer.



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