When it comes to supplements, you don’t always get what you want. One of the biggest factors to hinder a supplement’s ability to deliver on its promised effects is its bioavailability. Bioavailability refers to the actual amount of a substance that survives digestion and filtration through the liver and influences the body. One of the most promising ways of increasing bioavailability in supplements combines two separate delivery systems. Not every supplement needs a better delivery system to increase bioavailability. However, the ones that do are greatly benefiting from Cyclosome technology. 

Why do we need supplement delivery systems?

The human body is great at absorbing food, nutrients, and
supplements. However, it’s not good at absorbing hormones and hormone precursors through the digestive system. Most of these compounds get destroyed by the acidity of the stomach, and don’t even make it into the blood stream. And if you have been reading any of my previous articles, hormones are the most effective when they are in the blood. They are the signaling compounds that relay messages to target cells. If they don’t make it into the blood stream, they can’t do their jobs.

And to make matters worse, the small percentage of hormones
that can be absorbed by the digestive track usually get destroyed by their first pass through the blood’s primary filtration device, the liver. So even if some of the hormone makes it into the blood, it doesn’t get a chance to act upon the body.

Hormone issues?

So, what can you do? You can either increase the dose or use a specialized delivery system. The primary issues with increasing the dose are an increase in cost to use more of the ingredient, and an increase in side effects. The extra amount of the hormone or supplement that gets filtered by the liver can hurt the liver. So not only will you spend more money, you can potentially do damage to the body’s filtration system, your kidneys and your liver. By the way, if your liver fails, you fail. At life. In that you can’t survive without a functioning liver. Why do you think alcoholism is so bad?

What is Cyclosome Technology?

Cyclosome technology has been around since 2016. Why is it so unique? Cyclosome™ delivery is a combination of two technologies.

 Cyclodextrins have been studied since the 1970s. What’s cool about them is that they can protect whatever compound is contained inside of them. Not only are they large molecules, but they are hydrophobic (water fearing) on the inside and hydrophilic (water loving) on the outside.

Cyclodextrins are cool, but the technology doesn’t stop there. The target compound and its Cyclodextrin ring is encapsulated by a lipid, or fat. The liposome works like the Cyclodextrin ring. It protects the molecule on the inside, while being easily absorbed on the outside. The result is a delivery system that offers more protection than Tom Brady’s offensive line.

What does it mean for you?

Put simply, your body absorbs more of the target compound, with less of a chance of unwanted side effects. So where can you get your hands on some of this awesomeness? Check out the links below:

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