It’s time to be that guy. Plain and simple. You are ready to be a bad son of a bitch. You’re an alpha male. A living legend in the making. It’s not easy to be you. It takes real, hard-core work. It requires complete dedication to your body. From what you eat, to what Mass Builder Supplement you take, to how you work out, and finally how you live your life. It’s a commitment that only a few can handle.


A completely revolutionary mass builder supplement is the innovation you need to get ahead of the competition. There are plenty of people that want to achieve greatness in the gym. But the thing that separates the great from the legendary, is the understanding and commitment along with the right products to achieve epic results. All things being equal, get the edge. Take it, own it, and be the top dog. It’s your place, and you do what it takes to get there and stay there.



Epicatechin: We can’t make this stuff up. The word “epic” is right at the beginning of this phenomenal antioxidant. Add to that the insulin imitating and vasodilator qualities (improved blood flow), and you are on your way to greatness. With clinically proven increases to lean body mass, strength, and nitric oxide production, you will be one bad man. Plain and simple.


5a-Hydroxy Laxogenin: Discovered a mere 20 years ago, athletes have reported a noticeable strength gain in just a few days, and actual muscle mass improvements in only a few weeks. With tests showing protein synthesis increases of more than double, lean muscle growth and quicker repair is extraordinary.


Capsorb: Designed to absorb the maximum amount of ingredients. All the stuff you see on the label won’t help much if you’re eliminating it in the bathroom within an hour of taking it. Capsorb allows your body to use the nutrients you’re providing.

Don’t miss an opportunity for greatness. Do what it takes to be the best. This mass builder is the advantage you’ve been looking for. Clean and effective, with results you’ll see quickly, Chaos and Pain knows it’s time for you to be the man.



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