By now, most people have heard that the best BCAA supplements contain Taurine. Whether you’re a hardcore body builder, a daily weight and fitness fanatic, or a weekend warrior looking to shed some unwanted pounds. Even every day Joe’s have come across products with Taurine. And they have proven to be effective at what they’re for, along with a regimen that maximizes their potential. But WHY the supplements contain Taurine isn’t as well known, though it’s a primary contributor to a dynamic workout routine. Here’s a breakdown of what makes Taurine an ingredient that you should consider looking for in your next endurance supplements.


If fitness matters to you, REALLY matters, then you are going to treat what you put in your body with the same care and attention that you would if you own a classic car. Only premium fuel is allowed in your baby because anything else is not worthy. The same applies to Taurine. This IS your premium fuel! When it’s time to gas up and go for a spin, metaphorically speaking, you are going to get the good stuff. Check out this list of reasons why Taurine is your premium grade fuel for your body’s workout:

  • Taurine is a Proven Fat Burner: Taurine is a key contributor to the beginning phases of burning fat. It’s kind of like the trail of gunpowder leading to the fat powder keg. If you want to explode the fat, you need the fuse to be lit. Carnitine is the nutrient that transfers fat into cells that the body uses for energy. But this requires adequate Taurine levels for this process to take place. By raising the amount of carnitine in the muscles, it supports the process of fat burning, allowing the body to burn more fat as fuel. 
  • Taurine Boosts Testosterone: Taurine supplementation has been proven to stimulate the production of testosterone. But it has also been shown to not raise the concentration levels of estrogenic hormones. This improves the building of lean mass in the body, while helping to negate fat gain. Having low testosterone has been attributed to poor health and metabolism in men, and even diabetes.
  • Stress Level Reduction: Neurotransmitter production has been directly attributed to Taurine. This keeps adrenaline and cortisol levels more manageable, without spiking and creating anxiety and stress issues. A lowered taurine level can cause an overreaction to stress by your nervous system. If your nervous system is calm, it is more likely to burn fat storage, as opposed to the fat production that is often attributed to a nervous system that is overly excited.
  • Improved Sleep Patterns and Brain Function: An additional benefit to reduced stress and anxiety is the improved mood and subsequently easier sleep and resting patterns. Stress and anxiety hormones are primary causes for sleep problems. Taurine helps to calm these hormones down, allowing you to rest easier. It has also been linked to both an increase in cognitive function, but also delays cognitive decline. It has even been shown to reduce sleepiness and improve the reaction time caused by sleep deprivation when combined with caffeine. The stimulant effect of caffeine in conjunction with the calming properties of Taurine have proven to be a decisively beneficial and productive duo.
  • Faster Recovery and Improved Performance with Taurine: It has been shown to improve both performance and endurance levels, while fighting the causes of fatigue in the system. This helps optimize your muscles usage, while also burning more fat stores. 

Also known as an antioxidant and a contributor to insulin sensitivity, the absolute best BCAA supplement might very well be Taurine. Make sure it’s included in your next supplemental purchase. There are too many reasons not to.


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