Have you ever had that moment when everyone is watching, and you just need that little extra boost of power to prove you’re a bad ass? If you have enough testosterone, you’ll probably come through in studly fashion, but what if you don’t? For anyone that might be suffering from the embarrassment that comes with loss of testosterone, one of the key components to reducing this condition is aspartic acid. The ways in which this testosterone booster can benefit your body with increased fertility and libido are plentiful, and we’ll take a look at a few of these benefits below.


The key role that aspartic acid plays in the regulation and release of testosterone within the body cannot be overlooked. A study from the National Center for Biotechnology Information has shown that not only does it improve the regulation and release, but it also enhances it. Don’t let the date of this study fool you, as human biology has not changed in the last several years. 

Here’s More Proof: Additional study has shown that taking aspartic acid as part of your workout supplement regimen can increase testosterone levels by 30-60%. That’s a big deal, in more ways than one if you know what I mean. Young bodybuilders that alternated a 12 on and 12 off approach to this supplement had increases as high as 42%. While the younger body produces at a higher rate than older men, they still benefit from an on and off approach.

The evidence is out. Taking aspartic acid as part of your supplemental regimen will increase testosterone. And in older men, that increase can be vital to not only getting quality workout results, but also to keeping your lady happy.

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