Nootropic supplements are a relatively new class of supplements and pharmaceuticals appropriately labeled smart drugs. Nootropics have drastically risen in popularity in recent years, which may or may not be due to the success of the movie Limitless.

While some nootropic supplements like Piracetam have over forty years of scientific reviews and articles dedicated to their benefits and effects, other, more recently developed nootropics such as Noopept or Sunifiram have very little research to back up their associated benefits.

With this said, many people who first hear about nootropic supplements wonder if they’re safe to use for prolonged periods of time. Sure they are, they’re also safe for anyone who wants to make the smartest guy in the office look like a brain-dead dork.

But just in case, let’s take a look.


Nootropic supplements are definitely safe in the short term, and they
for damn sure make it possible to immediately flex your neural networks. But what about taking nootropics every day for the rest of your life? Could this be harmful or even fatal?

Probably not. It is highly unlikely that taking nootropics for an extended duration will harm your brain simply due to the fact that in order for a substance to be classified as a nootropic, it must be non-toxic to humans.

Many who consistently use nootropics over an extended period of time report an increased ability to focus and memorize the longer the supplements are taken. And in fact, nootropics appear to induce the exact opposite of any type of brain damage.

The neuroprotective benefits of nootropics are even able to reduce
visible signs of aging by eliminating toxic brain waste and lipofuscin. Doing this can increase fluidity of cell membranes to better increase the uptake of essential nutrients to the brain.

These neuroprotective benefits also have the ability to promote the creation of new neurons and help out the neural connective network called the connectome.



Neuroplasticity has become a trendy word within the brain training industry and especially within the Nootropic subreddit where pretty much everyone seems to have achieved God-like mental clarity. But neuroplasticity is a very real scientific process.

The brain is comprised of a network of over 86 million neurons that are always changing and growing. And unlike cells in the rest of the human body which we view as circular, neurons are much more unique in that they have a circular core with stems shooting off connecting to other neurons. These stems are called neurites and transport information and messages. As a cohesive unit they form your thoughts.

Neurites interact with synapses and transport information. When a neuron releases a neurotransmitter it activates synapse receptors from another neuron. This creates a chemical change in the brain that happens billions of times a day, and helps form memories, analyze data and reason, and control movements.

All of this, from acquiring new skills to running and jumping, results in neuroplasticity. And anyone whose takes nootropic supplements on a regular basis knows firsthand just how simple it can be to acquire new skills.

So next time you’re doing dumbbell curls while simultaneously talking to your mom about what you’re having for dinner, you can thank your brains neuroplasticity.


The ability of the brain to continuously adapt and form new neural connections declines with age. Any unused neuron connections, or pathways, are pruned away so you no longer have the skills or information they contain.

When neural pathways continue to get stripped away, the result is that it becomes harder to learn new things, lowers memory capacity and can even result in memory loss.

But you can prevent this gradual mental decline by taking nootropic supplements. A majority of nootropics out there work to improve acetylcholine levels and glutamate receptors, which can enhance the efficiency of synaptic receptors.

Some nootropics, such as Noopept, are known to increase
Nerve Growth Factor levels, an essential protein tasked with creating new neurons and neurites. In addition, most nootropics support synaptogenesis, the process of forming new neural pathways in the brain.

So taking nootropic supplements probably won’t allow you to live forever (yet), but they are able to help you fight off brain fog, create new neural connections, and keep you mentally dominant.

The positive benefits that come with taking nootropic supplements don’t have to be short-lived brain boosting experiences, they can literally make it easier for you to become a more intelligent human being throughout your life.

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