What is a circle?  Is it complete?  Does it ever end?  Does it ever begin?

Welcome to lipolysis, otherwise known as the release of fatty acids because of the breakdown of fat by hydrolysis (that wasn’t a mouth full). I refer to it as the Circle of Fat Loss (yes, like the Circle of Life from the Lion King).  And just like Zumba said, every part is important!

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There are three major parts of the Circle of Fat Loss.

  1. Break up the stored fat.
  2. Successfully transport fat to the furnaces, aka mitochondria.
  3. Burn and use fat for energy when it gets to the

Think of an ice pick as it chips away at an ice sculpture.  The ice shavings that fall to the ground have an extremely high chance of MELTING away.  Lipolysis WORKS LIKE the ice pick.  You must break down the stored fat before you can burn it off.  Next, the broken-up fat must then travel through the blood vessels to reach the mitochondria.  Blood vessels are the highways and roads of your body.  Finally, the fat is turned into ATP in the mitochondria and used for energy by the cells of the body.

Most thermogenic, aka “Fat Burners,” focus on the first and last steps.  We over here at Chaos and Pain noticed that the middle step tends to be neglected. That is why we decided to bring you Cannibal Carnage!  Carnage was designed to assist in improving the efficiency of shuttling fat where it needs to go to never be heard from again.

Carnage is Chaos and Pain’s first fat mobilizing super supplement.  It can be stacked with other thermogenic, such as Cannibal Inferno, or even used with your favorite pre-workout supplement like Cannibal Riot. Personally, I like to stack Carnage with Cannibal Inferno and Cannibal Claw.

Cannibal Claw is a thyroid support supplement that primarily assists in enhancing the first and third parts of the Circle of Fat Loss.  When thyroid output increases, so does the density of your mitochondria.  More mitochondrial density = more fat loss.

Cannibal Inferno is a top notch, high quality thermogenic. It comes with (Inferno) and without (Inferno Amped) Yohimbine HCL.  The caffeine and other powerful stimulants in Inferno energize your Central Nervous System making tiredness and laziness distant reflections in your rear-view mirror of life.  While the other ingredients, such as Thermo-V, drop NOS bombs on parts one and three of the Circle of Fat Loss.

When designing Cannibal Carnage, we knew that a product of this magnitude couldn’t be contained in a capsule. That’s why we threw away the gelatin and decided to release Carnage as a powder!  You can even mix it with your water and drink it throughout the day.  Think about it.  You just killed two birds with one stone.  Now your water doesn’t taste like liquid blandness, and you just opened up two new lanes on HWY 95 of The United States of your Body!

Here’s to your awesomeness, Cannibal Carnage (mic drop).


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