The father of modern bodybuilding culture, promoter of the first bodybuilding contest in modern history (with a cash prize bigger than any contest for the next 75 years), and the guy Jack LaLanne ripped off for just about everything. Most likely you have never heard of him. MacFadden was a full-blown weirdo who loved porn and sex. Furthermore, he did insane physical stunts even into old age. Thought medical doctors were goddamned monsters.

America is a nation founded upon a belief in individualism above all. Propaganda is rammed down our throats daily. Certainly, the eccentric has played a massive role in American society. For instance, from the flamboyant antics of Little Richard, lady Gage, and Prince in pop music to the oddly accessible masculinity and hyperfitness of Bernarr McFadden. In addition, to the drug-addled, artistic intellectualism of Ken Kesey and Hunter S. Thompson to the bizarre mad scientist brilliance of Nikola Tesla to the utterly insane engineering genius of Howard Hughes. 

Breaks with convention put man on the moon, into the air, under the sea. This gave us everything from electrical power to the zipper. America seem drawn to eccentrics like white trash to Oxycontin, though they secretly judge and condemn their oddball idols even as they explain away their behavior as somehow relatable. At the same time, people who have shamelessly blazed their own path, choosing to do whatever the hell they wanted, do whatever they would, and believe whatever they liked, now cower behind labels, bleating their fear of judgment like sheep rather than snarling their defiance like an enraged hyena, destroying the psychic underpinnings of their uniqueness in a pathetic, limp-wristed plea for acceptance that is an stomach-turning in its delivery as it is in its message.

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