DHEA… along with Androstenadione, it was the supplement credited with getting people Sammy Sosa-waddling-around-the-field-jacked just after steroids were criminalized in 1990. For anyone who took it then, it was scarfed down in handfuls because its bioavailability was so low, and the results basically ranged from nonexistent to minor placebo effect. Frankly, I only knew it as something people claimed to use to throw people off the trail when they were using steroids, or something occasionally sold to the elderly to improve longevity. As such, I was never keen on it, and when the new DHEA products started popping up, I had the type of healthy skepticism one usually reserves for conspiracy theories involving reptilian aliens, statements linking vegetarianism and good mental health, or claims that Orange is the New Black is watchable. 

Chemical Four and Chemical One utilize a liposomal delivery system that drastically improves the delivery of both prohormones by allowing them to bypass your body’s natural defense mechanisms. That wasn’t even possible in the 1990s, as medical science was still working on ways to maximize the effectiveness of liposomal delivery, and no one in the supplement industry had even considered using a lipid layer in encapsulated products to improve their absorption. 

Chemical Four, the rate of absorption goes through the roof and the results will be nearly identical. This means using 4-DHEA is going to produce the lean gains and strength increases that you’re going to need if you plan on destroying the opposition in competition or just stealing dude’s girlfriends by using nothing more than a casual flex at the bar one Friday night. And don’t pretend you’re not pulling casual flexes all night at the bar. We know better.

Chemical One and Chemical Four for more information on these badass compounds, and then go forth and conquer.


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