Do you ever wish you had better cognitive abilities? Many people have found that a taking nootropic supplement helps them not only able to think better, but these supplements also help with concentration and other cognitive problems If you’re lacking in mental energy, concentration and learning abilities, here are the forms of nootropic supplement and what to consider when taking them.


Nootropics are supplements that help enhance several aspects of cognitive function. Taking nootropic supplements can improve your memory, help you recall quicker, increase attention span, improve learning capacity and make you more focused.

Rather than immediately giving you a better intellect or higher IQ, nootropics, instead, boost your brain by increasing the amount of the different neurotransmitters that are produced.

Think of the brain as a network of neurons that are joined by synapses. In order for the neurons to work and communicate with each other, they need the chemicals called neurotransmitters. The more neurotransmitters there are, the better is a person’s memory, concentration, cognitive skills and attention span.


  • Racetams, which directly affect the neurotransmitter known as acetylcholine, are the most common type. Taking racetams can give you exceptional cognitive benefits, such as better focus, more energy, enhanced memory, and learning abilities.
  • Ampakines are the most potent form of nootropics. Although they haven’t been studied as thoroughly as the other forms of nootropics, ampakines offer improved memory and learning abilities, enhanced concentration and a longer attention span. Even after this supplement has exited your body, it still continues to provide benefits.
  • Cholines, another potent type of nootropics, also have a direct effect on the brain as they produce acetylcholine neurotransmitters. Cholines are found in foods, ,but most people are lacking in it, causing inferior cognitive abilities. However, you can take choline in a water-soluble supplement.
  • Synthetic Vitamin B derived nootropics are made by modifying B-vitamins. Some of the benefits include increased energy and an improvement in mood and memory. The two forms are Sulbuitiamine and Pyritinol, which you can take either alone or in a stack.
  • Natural nootropics are taken to enhance cognitive ability and concentration. A familiar example of a natural nootropic is Ginkgo Biloba, which is known for preventing the formation of blood clots, as well as for enhanced cognitive abilities and better concentration.
  • Peptides, which are occur naturally as biological molecules, also improve concentration, memory and increase energy, and are taken as dietary supplements. Noopept, the most popular peptide, comes from a racetams derivative, which is used to release glutamate, which controls Acetylcholine levels. What’s more, it releases a protein for making nerve cells and neurons grow.
  • Smart drugs, which are technically not nootropics, are more amphetamine-based stimulants. They work with hormones in improving several portions of the brain.


  • Although nootropics don’t hurt your health, it’s best not to take them every day because overusing them can cause your body to tolerate retroactive products. For example, take them when preparing for finals to give your brain a cognitive boost.
  • Smart drugs have a greater risk of side effects than other types of nootropics. In most cases, side effects depend on a person’s individual experience and may include those such as headaches, dizziness, and skin rashes.
  • Children and teens should not take these supplements, but should wait until their brain is fully developed. Therefore, put off taking nootropics until you reach your mid-20s and even later.
  • Determine the reason for taking them. In other words, don’t take these supplements without first researching a particular product. Know how the drug works and how it affects brain activity.

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