Secret Dreaming Technique??

What if I told you that there is an ancient secret that has been kept from you your whole life?  What if there was a unique herb that would all you to take control of your dreams?  Yep, that’s right!  I’m talking about lucid dreaming here!

What is lucid dreaming? Click here for more info.

Lucid dreaming is the ability for your conscious mind to be aware that you are having a dream.  When this magical experience takes place, people have been able to control their dreams, and have conversations with their subconscious!  Imagine the ability to be fighting alongside Star-Lord, cracking jokes while searching for Infinity stones.

Valerian Root and the Cosmos!

Ever heard of Valerian root?  It is an ancient herb that helps to calm the mind while promoting lucid dreaming!  So, where can you find this awesome ingredient?

The lucid dreaming hack stack:

Hypnos comes through once again!  Not only does Hypnos contain Valerian Root, but it is also packed to the brim with other potent sleep and recovery inducing agents!

Take Hypnos to the next level by stacking it with Cannibal Genius. Genius will activate the dormant areas of your mind while amplifying the recovery and sleep aid properties of Hypnos.

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