As we are following the disastrous effects on the world known simply as COVID19 or whatever name you want to give this growing debacle, we find ourselves looking for salvation or whatever manner it may be.  There is one thing that is true, the virus doesn’t care about your political allegiance, race, color, creed, anything, zero, nada none of these concepts will stop your body from this virus if you are weak and ill prepared.  The idea that one belief can possibly even matter at this point is feebleminded, it’s almost as bad as placing a hashtag in a twitter post thinking that it will solve some type of hard coded scenario; reality is real, and it will not.  This isn’t a fantasy world we live in, all aspects of life are literal in a sense, once it happens it can’t be undone, there is no un ringing a bell.

So, what does all this rambling in the introduction have to do with anything?  The answer is simple and is the solution to almost 99% of the problems faced throughout the world.  Hydration, something which should be so unproblematic and elementary, but is not for many through whatever means.  As we mentioned above there is a massive outbreak in the world of a virus that attacks the lungs primarily, this event has reinforced the conceptual view to people that the immune system might be important, and they should stop trashing their bodies at every corner imaginable.  Most people, being fat sacks of garbage, are in the category of too little too late, but they will try and probably fail as all you need is water to start really living healthier, not some crazy gym lifestyle or hiking 41 miles per day.

Let’s dive on in here my supplicants, the human body is made up of roughly 60% water in an adult body, obviously this can change but it floats close to that.  If you are intelligent and have known this point above about how much of the body is made up of water, then you have probably drawn together the conclusion that it is always important.  If you want to further your knowledge and see how to save your own life, then continue reading because this is juicy stuff if you get my drift.

As you are probably now wondering to yourself, how much of this water is in your organs, tissues etc.?  Here are some fun facts from the Journal of Biological Chemistry #158; the heart is roughly 75% water, the lunges are roughly 80% water, the skin is roughly 64% water, muscle tissue and the kidneys are both roughly 80% water.  What we can glean from this is information is that water is 100% needed in great amounts or you will be at a disadvantage at the molecular level just based on simple math.  Let’s proceed, according to the Mayo Clinic the average person sweats off water at around .5 liters for a “normal person” a day, around one cup of water is lost exhaling, another 6 cups are lost through other bodily functions along with electrolytes and some minerals.  Just this simple math here states that you need water and probably a decent amount if you are active, especially headed into the summer months just to function at an undemanding level.  I don’t know about you lot, but I sweat like a maniac.

Now that we see the overarching theme that water is the building block of life, let’s review what it does and why you need it, especially during this time of viral outbreak, the COVID crisis we will call it.  Let’s start with some pretty simple concepts and then we can gradually move into greater complexity, whereby if your brain shuts down you as least tried and got some information, because thinking is hard and you need water to operate the electrical impulses in the brain, go figure.

As you can imagine the blood stream is essential a water-based transport liquid that moves fluids, nutrients such as carbohydrates and proteins which are metabolized into the blood to be transported, communicatory signals for other organs to preform whatever their task might be as well, yes important.  Your well-trained brain is probably fired up now and has begun computing these complex equations and if you currently are running the above formula then you might be coming to the glaring conclusion that less water aka dehydration is bad, like super-duper bad.  Without water the body cannot move the goods through the economic highways of the body, this process with a lack of water will be working at a reduced rate.  As you can assume this process and system is heavily linked to the immune system as well, ahh, now we start tying it together.

What is also extremely important is the lymphatic system, which would be the system that mainly supports the defense of the body through the immune system.  If you are unsure what this system is, then be enlightened; this system is a system of pathways in the body that transports a fluid known as lymph which is the white blood cell containing fluid that fights off invaders in the body.  We have come full circle now, water is good.

Now we can all see why water is so deadly important, being literally the tractor trailer that transports the goods around the continent that is the human body.  The body’s ability to adequately transports the specific materials around is undeniably the single most important aspect of water and there for the need of said water.  Therefore, without the glories of water in the human body you can only live 3-5 days max without dying of what I can only assume is a horrifying death at best.

With all the rage going on about the corona virus just drinking water can possibly save your life.  It literally is that simple, especially in countries where access to water is as simple as a flick of the wrist, there should be no excuse on that front.



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