Here are some Weight Loss Tips, for those of you who have been struggling to lose weight. It seems like every fat burner out there doesn’t work, then you might want to consider your hormone levels. More specifically, your Estrogen levels. Firstly, you need estrogen to grow, and my test levels are through the roof.

It Doesn’t Matter!

Even if you are “supplementing!” with testosterone, your bodyfat percentage is a good indication if you have too much Estrogen.  When your testosterone levels are high, and estrogen levels are low, body fat melts away.  I get it, I used to only be concerned with the amount of testosterone coursing through my veins. However, was wrong. Not only does lowering your estrogen levels get you ripped, but it will also allow your “supplements” to work better! There is a reason why doctors give guys on testosterone replacement therapy AROMASIN® (exemestane), a steroidal Aromatase Inhibitor (AI).  For more basic info on how hormones work, click here for part 1Click here for part 2.

  1. High estrogen levels lead to high SHBG.

Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) loves to destroy your muscle gains. How? It binds to the amount of free roaming testosterone and DHT in the blood. It also binds to estrogen. At first, you might think that having more estrogen is a good thing  It will bind with SHBG and free up more DHT and testosterone.


Have you heard of the process of downregulation? Secondly, Downregulation of receptor sites occurs when there is Too Much of an activating hormone, enzyme, etc. In the case of SHBG, when estrogen levels are too high, the body responds by increasing the amount of
SHBG. Therefore, the body knows when there is too much of something, in this case estrogen, and activates one of its most basic survival mechanisms. Unfortunately, the excess SHBG doesn’t discriminate between testosterone, estrogen, or DHT. What can, and often happens, is a decrease in free roaming testosterone (testosterone that is unbound and can activate the androgen receptors), and an increase in estrogen. Can you say Man Boobs with the libido of
Betty White?

  1. Arimistane (ArimiT®)

Now you know what high levels of estrogen can do to your body.  Excess body fat, man boobs, depression, muscle loss, and increased levels of SHBG. So, what natural supplement can you take that work?  Arimistane.

Arimistane, also known as Androsta-3,5-Diene-7,17-Dione, is the strongest natural AI (aromatase inhibitor) available. It is so strong
that several of the top strength athletes in the world prefer Arimistane over AROMASIN® and other prescription AIs. And if you really want the best, ArimiT® is the best form of Arimistane currently

  1. How to know if your AI is working

You may have previously used a natural AI or are currently using one. However, how do you know if the AI you chose is working? The first indication that you have a potent AI is a loss in water weight.  Estrogen makes you hold onto water weight. Since its water weight and not body fat, you can expect to see significant differences within the first 4-7 days.

The next indication that you chose the correct supplement is an increase in your libido. As you decrease estrogen and SHBG, you will have a larger amount of DHT and free roaming testosterone. Furthermore, these potent androgenic hormones will increase your libido. If you start to notice that girls everywhere are looking prettier, your libido is on the rise.

After a few weeks, you should start to notice a decrease in body fat, and an increase in lean muscle mass. If your training is on point, and your diet isn’t too terrible, your body will be primed to burn body fat for energy, and your muscles will be recovering faster.


If you have been struggling to lose body fat, and nothing seems to be working, your estrogen levels might be too high.  Here are a few points to remember.  

If you want to try one of the best natural AIs currently available, check out Alpha PCT. Not only does it have a strong dose of ArimiT®, it has some of the most potent natural test boosting ingredients available.  Get great results by using it alone, or even faster results by stacking it with the strongest DHEAs available.  Works great with “supplemental” testosterone as well.

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1.Increases in testosterone cause increases in estrogen.

2.You need estrogen to build muscle, but not too much.Excessive estrogen will make you gain body fat, man boobs, and water weight.

3.Decreasing estrogen will decrease SHBG, and will give you more free roaming (active) testosterone.

4.Once you start using an AI, your will start to notice effects quickly, usually within the first 4-7 days.

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