When it’s time to work out, your body needs to be fueled properly. You can’t be a Kraken-like monster if you don’t prepare yourself with the top pre workout supplements to light the fire. This article will lay out a playbook for you to choose from to be a rage filled gorilla the next time you step in the gym.


  • Nutrition: It’s recommended that you eat a whole-food meal before you go to the gym. One hour to an hour and a half before is best. As you’re headed to the gym, or right before you leave your house, drink a whey protein shake. We recommend Cannibal Kraken which has less fat and more protein than whey concentrate to improve hypertrophy and build strength.
  • BCAA/Endurance: If you’re having trouble with an extended workout where you REALLY push yourself, then it’s time for you to try Mercury Extended Energy BCAA Complex. Not only will this keep you fully energized during your workout, but you won’t burn out like a rocket re-entering the earth’s atmosphere when you’re done.
  • Getting Jacked: Worked all day? Partied all night? Got three toddlers at home? Whatever your reason for being a dead battery is, getting amped back up is easy. Check out the New and Improved Cannibal Ferox and go straight from the couch to the gym the same way Dr. David Banner goes from angry to the Incredible Hulk. 
  • Stimulant Free: Want to avoid the stim effect, and yet still get the same feeling and rush you need to spit fire and melt iron? Then you need Cannibal Permaswole. This will have you pumping everything in your path, so make sure there’s nobody else around at the time! 
  • Halostachine Buzzed Beast: This one speaks for itself. TITAN. You want to be a freaking maniac that melts fat like the guy on the corner frying on acid sees the asphalt melt. Not only do you get all hopped up, but you shed your hibernation weight the same way a bear charges a threat to its cubs. Nothing stops a Titan. Except Perseus. But he’s dead, and you’re not. Tear it up my friend!
  • Non-Workout Winners: For those of you looking for a boost that’s not related to the gym, here’s a couple extras for you to try. If you need Focus, Cannibal Genius Nootropic is exactly what the doctor ordered. This has literally carried people through college, though we don’t have the pics to prove it. But if you are cramming for a test, have a big meeting coming up, a critical job interview, or a long drive ahead, then this is your solution. 
  • For you GAMERS out there, stop losing! You don’t have to suck or settle for just being decent. It’s time to dominate, and piss on your competition. Nothing causes more rage quits and squeakers sent off to cry to mom than someone who’s using PWND Gamerz Aggro. Send “Basement Billy” off with his scrub lord friends without a “GG” today!

Set your playbook up anyway you want. You have full coverage here. There’s plenty more to choose from too, so these top pre workout supplements don’t have to be the only options to look at when you visit Chaos and Pain for the best supplements you can find anywhere.

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