Why are people gaining POUNDS of muscle on Chemical X?

Hormones are the kings of helping you gain muscle.  For more info, check out this previous post by clicking here ==>>Hormones are Muscle Building Kings!

Testosterone is the most common muscle building hormone.  However, there is a muscle building hormone that is over TWICE as strong as testosterone!  Nandrolone!!  And guess what, the 19-Nor DHEA in Chemical X converts into…. Nandrolone!!

Less Side Effects?

Nandrolone has a lower androgenic ratio than testosterone.  Testosterone converts into DHT, Nandrolone converts into DHN.  DHN is much less anabolic than DHT, and doesn’t cause the same negative side effects, such as hair loss, acne, or prostate issues.

Works great with a testosterone base!

19-Nor DHEA is great to take by itself.  You will notice gains in strength and size.  However, to fully utilize its anabolic benefits, it needs to be stacked with something that is a little more androgenic.  What is better than testosterone?!?!  The higher androgenic ratio of testosterone helps to balance, and SPEED UP the results of Nandrolone.  When taken together, your body has no choice but to grow.

Natural Testosterone Booster?

We want you to get the best results from your 19-Nor DHEA cycle.  That is why each daily serving of Chemical X has 300mg of Fadogia Agrestris, one of best, and latest, NATURAL testosterone boosters available!  Fadogia works by increasing LH and FSH, two hormones that when increased, tell your body to make more testosterone!

Can Chemical X be any more Anabolic?

We thought so.  That is why we threw in 100mg of 5a hydroxylaxogenin per daily serving!I  f you aren’t familiar with 5a-hydroxylaxogenin, here is a little background.  5a-hydroxylaxogenin
is a natural plant steroid that has similar anabolic properties to the Anabolic Steroid Anavar.  It is used for steady, even gains, that you are more likely to keep post cycle.

Can Chemical X be stacked with Chemical One and Chemical Four?

Absolutely!  Both Chemical One and Chemical Four will add a different anabolic base to Chemical X.  Chemical One uses a 1-testosterone platform, while Chemical Four gives you more of a testosterone base.  Both enhance the effects of 19-NorDHEA. Think Testosterone and Deca.

Need a reminder about the different DHEAs?

The DHEAs are similar in that they are non-toxic and have increased absorption.  The gains from all the DHEAs will be leaner than when using other compounds.  See below for a breakdown of each.

Chemical One

Converts into 1-Testestorone and 1-Androstenediol

No estrogen conversion

Good for hardening

Dry gains

Chemical Four

Converts into Testosterone and 4-Androstenediol

Mild estrogen conversion

Blood volume (pumps, vascularity)

Lean gains

Chemical X

Converts into Nandrolone (2x more anabolic than

No PCT required

Deeper growth


Which DHEA is right for me?

Deciding which DHEA is right for you is easy… Now!!  See below for our recommendations.  For best results, we recommend cycles of 8
weeks, followed by 4 weeks of PCT.

Bulking:  Chemical 4

Lean Bulking:  Chemical 4, Chemical X

Lean Strength:  Chemical 1

Lean Strength and Size: Chemical 1, Chemical X

Strength, Size, and Pumps:  Chemical 1, Chemical 4

Strength, Size, Pumps, Recovery:  Chemical 1, Chemical 4, Chemical X

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