If you’re serious about weight training, then you probably already take BCAA’s (Branched Chain Amino Acids) before and after a workout. But have you tried taking BCAA during workout training? There are some good reasons why you should, as the benefits could raise the intensity of your workout to levels you’ve never achieved before.


  • Fatigue Reduction: If building mass is what you’re after, then providing an energy source directly to your muscles is important. BCAA’s not only do that, but they work directly with your brain to slow down the feeling of fatigue, while significantly impacting the process of muscular growth. This alone is enough reason to consider taking BCAA supplements while working out, but the benefits don’t stop here.
  • Reduces or Eliminates Muscle Soreness: One of the primary reasons for skipping your next workout is simply because your muscles are too sore. BCAA’s don’t just improve strength however, they also improve neuro-muscular strength. This means your brain isn’t feeling the need to constantly tell you your aching, and since BCAA’s are protein fuel, you won’t be sore as much or possibly at all.
  • Muscle Protein Synthesis and Fat Loss: As previously stated, BCAA’s are protein fuel, building blocks being the common term. Muscle tissue is primarily composed of protein, and thus the process of protein synthesis within your muscles can directly reduce unwanted weight gain and increase the loss of fat.
  • Dietary Improvements and Reduced Cravings: This falls under one of the reasons why you should take BCAA’s in the first place, but if you snack during workouts, taking BCAA during workout training will reduce the craving for carbs and the temptation to cheat on your diet. This can be useful before and after workouts as well.

Taking BCAA during workout training can have a significant impact on your overall results. If you haven’t started doing this already, it’s time to implement this into your routine.

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