There isn’t a person on the planet that truly enjoys dieting.  Sure, you might enjoy the discipline of it, the results therefrom, and the attention you get when it’s over, but the actual act of depriving yourself of pizza, beer, and all of the other delicious things that make life worth living blows.  You’re miserable and you make everyone around you miserable, just so you don’t have to suffer alone.


That is, unless you do something to speed up the process and boost your mood.  That is why we formulated Red Sky to work like it does- it gives you the energy to replace the lost calories in your diet, mood enhancers to help you buck up even although your next cheesesteak isn’t going to be for another fifteen weeks, and fat loss agents to get you leaner, faster.  Red Sky is going to help you kick ass and flex those abs because it includes:



Yohimbine HCL– Yohimbine is a bad mamma-jamma of an ingredient.  It’s a general stimulant, fat loss agent, and a general aphrodisiac that can aid with erectile dysfunction.  About all this bad boy doesn’t do is wash your car.

Alpha Yohimbine– this ingredient is a diastereoisomer of yohimbine and is basically a more powerful version of the original that acts on the same receptors.

Higenamine and Hordenine– higenamine and hordenine are structurally like ephedrine, though less potent.  These two bad boys kick in immediately upon ingestion and peak quickly, acting kind of like the Prius’s electric engine before it’s tiny little gasoline one kicks in- they’re the torque that’ll get you off the line quickly when you train.

Caffeine Anhydrous– everyone knows what caffeine is- it’s energy in powder form.  Caffeine and yohimbine also work synergistically with one another, enhancing the adrenaline stimulation of each to make the combination greater than the sum of its parts.


Senegalia Berlandi– the active amine in this herb is called PEA, which an influencer of the hormones that make you happy, like dopamine and serotonin.  This is the stuff that will keep you from ending your diet in a murder-suicide.


Acetyl L-Carnitine– L-Carnitine increases energy levels and cognition, both of which aid athletes in increasing energy expenditure, which leads to increased fat loss.  Additionally, L-Carnitine improves blood glucose and insulin sensitivity, which increases the rate of fat loss as well. Less beetus and less fat means more gooder.

Green Coffee Bean Extract– Green Coffee appears to reduce carbohydrate uptake, which has led to fat loss in obese people in studies.  It’s not the strongest fat loss agent on Earth, but every little bit counts.

Thermo-V– Thermo-V is a proprietary ingredient containing capsaicin and vanillylamide, both of which increase caloric expenditure, even at rest.  We could all stand to burn a little fat while we binge watch Netflix, right?

Evodiamine– this ingredient is used in traditional Chinese medicine to increase body temperature, which may increase caloric expenditure.  

Synephrine HCL– the milder little brother of ephedrine, synephrine has been shown in clinical studies to raise metabolism for over an hour after ingestion.  An extra 65 calories of fat loss an hour never hurt anyone, right? Well, except starving people, but we’d hope starving people would spend their hard-earned cash on food rather than supplements.

Grains of Paradise– in addition to being delicious (Grains of Paradise used to be confused with black pepper on a regular basis, and is a spice related to ginger), this spice has anti-obesity and anti-diabetic properties, meaning that it is perfect as an addition to your food and your fat loss supplement.

Could you diet and lose fat without Red Sky?  Of course- people have been getting shredded since at least ancient Greece and doing so without the aid of fat loss supplements.  People used to walk from Paris to Moscow, too.  Sometimes progress is a good thing.



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