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CANNIBAL ALPHA PCT Testosterone Booster


(37 customer reviews)

Cannibal Alpha PCT is a revamped version of our old Cannibal Alpha- now, instead of simply boosting your natural testosterone levels, it repairs the damage done to your natural testosterone levels.

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CANNIBAL ALPHA PCT Testosterone Booster

The holy grail to all man’s aspirations in life is testosterone.  Without it the man is nothing, but with it he is everything that he was intended to be.  The question is not how much testosterone you have but how much more you need for greatness.  The supplement industry is full of perfidious companies, making calms under a proprietary dose of who knows what.  Not us, not Chaos and Pain, for as long as we have been around we have always brought you what we think is simply the best product.  Cannibal Alpha PCT is designed a top tier testosterone support products with added estrogen control.

Cannibal Alpha PCT is what we consider the best all natural product on the market.

KSM-66 Ashwagandha Extract–  This extract has been shown in clinical research to support wellness via mental clarity.  This extract also shows support via strength and endurance which is ideal for increasing overall strength and muscle mass in the body.  This extract also supports a lowering of anxiety making it essential for looking good and feeling good.

Brassaiopsis Glomerulata– This ingredient supports a reducing in overall estrogen in the body.  This inhibition of aromatase will support an increase of testosterone production in the body.

Boron Citrate– This ingredient supports a possible increase of the total testosterone metabolism into free testosterone in the body.  This ingredient also supports bone density and overall cognition and skeletal muscle coordination in the body.

Indole-3-Carbinol– This ingredient has been shown to reduce the rates of breast cancer, colon cancer and other types of cancers.  It is believed that estrogen-enhanced cancers can be reduced through the use of this ingredient.  This ingredient along with its overall health benefits in the reduction of cancers according to the data supports healthy estrogen.

Safed Musli Extract–  This ingredient has many benefit but the improvements to testosterone levels is the main point.  This ingredient has also been shown to support men’s sexual health and erections as a potent sexual aid over the years.  There is evidence to show that it supports overall joint health and can combat some effects of arthritis.

Mucuna Pruriens (L-Dopa)– This ingredient also has many benefits centered around men’s sexual health and mood enhancements.  To top this ingredient off, it supports a reduction in overall stress in the body, which in its self can be a testosterone killer.

Luteolin– This ingredient supports various health benefits and falls right in line with this product.  The anti-inflammatory properties of this ingredients support an overall better well-being in the human body.  This ingredient also provides oxidative relief of stress, which in turn supports not only the lowered inflammatory response but also supports lowering of blood pressure and heart disease in the body as well.

Bioperine–  This ingredient supports nutrient transportation in the body.

37 reviews for CANNIBAL ALPHA PCT Testosterone Booster

  1. Fred S.

    Loved this – got a free Chemical F – Fadogia Agrestis with it. I had no clue what it did, like lets just say helps men’s sexual health. And works great.

  2. Joshua Amos (verified owner)

    I love this product!!! Legit and works great!!!

  3. Alex (verified owner)

    I ordered this product to try because, well, combining environmental factors with the fact that while I’m not old I’m not getting younger, I felt a lag in testosterone from my 20’s. Simply taking Cannibal Alpha has given me the push I need to feel top notch. I felt the effects after a few days. Delivery was super quick too!

  4. Anonymous

    hopped off a cycle and had mild ED. no joke, about 3-4 days of using Alpha Male got everything working again and I’ve been feeling (still do) at 100%.
    I recommend to anyone jumping off PH or gear

  5. Lan

    Using Alpha I tripled my post cycle test in a few weeks. 10/10 would buy again.

  6. James Stafford

    WTF!!! I ordered a test booster and I’m afraid you may have sent me somthing stronger! Call it a “t-booster” if you want but this stuff is amazing. I have never tried any natty test booster like this in my life! Seriously, you guys have done it again. When nothing else in the supplement industry works you guys go above and beyond! My experience with Alpha PCT has been great. I’m am stacking it with legendary and my strength has gone through the roof. To early to tell about the other benifits but strength and libido have just blown up. Lets talk about the libido…ok I didn’t order vigara but holy crap! I feel like this is what it would be like (not a bad extra bonus) but seriously if you have a gf or wife I’d advise investing in a fleshlight because your going to want to go at it 5-10 times a day. I haven’t don’t that since my early 20’s. Other than that this stuff is Golden. Wasted my money on all sorts of stuff including Animal test and stuff in the past. This is by far the best for all us natty body builders out there.

  7. Tyler Carter

    I’m 25 and have never tried a test/libido booster. The dose is three capsules and my libido was annoyingly high, so I take only two capsules. It works! I probably should have gone with LEGENDARY instead.

  8. J


  9. Drew

    For the love of all that is holy and pure, you need to get this product. Never have I had a test booster that has worked so well with me that it made me feel like a pure beast, and gave me a sex drive of a monster not of this world. Hitting the gym was unreal, the focus, the drive, the power, and the over all feel was great, and with a good diet, it help me drop 30lbs in a month and a half. It really does unleash the inner beast within you. After taking two bottles worth of this, I feel like a bitch without it. Can’t wait to get my hands on another two rounds.

    Bottom line: Get. This. Right. Fucking. Now!

  10. Matthew

    Started taking this product and within a week I could already feel more focus and agressive when hitting the weights. Also noticed that my body fat and compensation changed as well. Looking forward to using this again, recommend it hands down!

  11. Kevin

    This is probably my favorite of the test boosters I’ve tried. I think the effects are usually overstated in reviews (or maybe I just get less of an effect) but alpha does make me feel noticeably different. I’m 34, I’ve had a history of hormonal problems, and I’m just a novice lifter. That being said, I’ve found that alpha helps my moods, helps me recover more quickly from workouts, and does increase my sex drive. In addition this is a better value than other similar products on the market.

  12. Anonymous

    I’m in my 30s and was dealing with a lot of depression and anxiety, and had stopped working out for almost a year. I decided I’d had enough of having a low body image, and having little sexual desire, so I bought this product. This product coupled with an intense workout program (Muay Thai training) has boosted not only my confidence, strength, and libido, it helped my motivation. Seeing the fruits of my labor made me feel more confident and powerful. I definitely recommend Alpha PCT!

  13. Chuck

    Let me start by saying that I’ve never been on SARMS, Pro-hormones, gear, etc. so I really don’t have any use for a PCT and was disappointed hearing about the new formula. However, I have been researching herbal test boosters and decided (on a drunken whim) to purchase this anyway. After a bit of research, the herbs in this formula might actually be more effective than the old one (I’ve read trib & maca are overhyped and tongkat ali is better for those with low test levels.)

    – Brassaiopsis glomerulata: Never heard of it but examine.comseems to have good things to say about suppressing estrogen.
    – Curcumin: Always heard great things about curcumin (SO is a marathon runner and uses it for inflammation/recovery). I’ve also read that it boosts testosterone. Often stand-alone supplements contain piperine for better absorption (found in black pepper) but we have Capsorb to do the job here.
    – Indole-3-carbinol: This is the compound found in broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, cabbage, etc. Found to suppress estrogen so I was very excited to see thsi ingredient.
    – Safed musli: Never heard of it but a quick google search is enough to want to give it a shot.
    – Mucuna pruriens: this doesn’t just improve sperm quality, it’s proven to increase test according to this study (, among others. sign me up.
    – Arimit: Again, didn’t have a need for it, however, given my wife’s perfume and my new affinity for cologne, I didn’t see any reason why I wouldn’t want this to help suppress unnecessary estrogen. If it does in fact increase testosterone, fat loss, and improve hypertrophy – I’m game.
    – N-Methyl-D-aspartic acid: the super version of D-Aspartic Acid ? Maybe it’s more effective than DAA – which is a test booster.

    After one week of use, here are some anecdotal observations:
    – slight increase in strength (additional rep(s) for back off sets, heavy singles feel easier); this could be due to other factors but the fact remains: I had good lifts this past week.
    – bigger load
    – Quick rebound (5-7 minutes?) for round 2 with my wife. Hasn’t happened since college.
    – maaaaybe leaner.

    To be clear, I’ve also been reading up on natural ways to increase testosterone so the above could be due to a few other factors.

    Bottom line, the product is recommended for anyone. While it’s only been a week, I’m excited to see the results over the next months or so. Obviously it’s not going to have the same results as AAS but why not increase your natural test levels anyway? While this is marketed to those ending a cycle of PH or SARMs, it is definitely beneficial for the natural guys looking for a boost.

    Excited to try out Legendary. Thanks C&P!

  14. Mike

    I purchased this product probably about 7 months ago when it was the old formula where you had to take a certain number of pills based off body weight. I think I had to take like 3 pills 3 times a day but taking that many pills didn’t bother me because the results were epicly magnifecent. I had amazing increased stamina and strength at the gym. I didn’t even need to take my pre-workout anymore and when I wasn’t working out, my sex drive was out of control.

    I just bought this stuff again but it now comes in a much smaller container with less pills. Now you take 3 pills one time per day and it isn’t based off body weight and it looks like it contains significantly less ingredients than before. This new “better” formula doesn’t seem to do much for me at all. I have a slightly increased sex drive but thats about all I’m noticing. Sad to see such an awesome product get nerfed.

  15. John T

    I’m 47yrs old and i can honestly say this product is better than weekly injections. Libido is thru the roof.

  16. Raeshaun jones

    This booster is perfect for a PCT. it has everytime in in that will support your body and also add it to increasing T levels naturally

  17. Thomas Heagy

    Moving into my 3rd week of by the directions dosing of this stuff. I love it, it’s by far the best booster Ive tried. The first week it was rush inducing, and at times I felt a touch of anxiety here and there but things settled down after that. Not sure if strength went up as Im working a German Volume program at the moment, but its definitely helped with endurance, mood, and sex drive. Im looking forward to seeing how you guys can improve upon an already great formula.

  18. Justin Paul

    Holy shit! I’m shocked at how fast this stuff works, and how well it works. I immediately noticed a difference in my mood, sleep, and libido in just one week.

  19. Anonymous

    Only been taking 3 days,so i cant give a honest review
    But looking at the profile it should be good.ill review when im

  20. Anonymous

    This product is amazing. Chaos and pain know how to make a good product and keep their customers happy! I noticed a difference in stamina and mood after about 3 days of using this. Also it does boost libido but its not a magic pill so don’t expect that but I would highly recommend this if your looking for that edge

  21. Michael Horton

    Cannibal Alpha PCT is the best Test booster on the market right now hands down. No surprise considering the source. The only thing I have had that comes anywhere close was the original formula of Cannibal Alpha, but quite honestly, I think that this formulation is quite a bit better. Mix this in when you are off cycles of SARMs and the gains will be consistent and awesome.

  22. Anonymous

    This gave me a huge test boost to where I wanted to fuck and kill everything lol

  23. seen

    I’m only a week in so it’s too early to tell
    how these are effecting my workouts.
    I can definitely say I’ve been banging
    my girlfriend more though. Way more.
    My recovery from workouts is faster
    too. I would easily say this is the best
    Test booster I’ve ever taken. Do not
    order unless you have consistent
    pussy though (or whatever you do).

  24. Dustin

    I am pretty excited about this product as a stand alone. In my efforts to get lean past 8 percent body fat, my body has fought me a lot. The body simply does not want to get much lower. Cortisol and Estrogen play a part in holding on the remaining body fat. In particular, around the lower abdomen and hips on men.Also, your body can hold on to a lot of water at sub ten percent. After a week, i look and feel a lot harder (pun intended and not intended if you get what I mean). I look forward to stacking this product with Inferno’s new formula in the near future. Keep it up guys!

  25. corey williams

    These guys are the real deal when it comes to buying a good quality product without any BS! For me this stuff took about 3 days to kick in and when it did my gym sessions were outrageous. And the bedroom action we won’t even go there but it was great.

  26. Ryan

    Ok, so I got Cannibal Alpha just to test it out and see how I would respond to it. Here are my thoughts and what I have noticed from taking Alpha for the last two weeks.

    As side note which may influence how the product is working, know that I’m stacking cannibal inferno with the cannibal alpha according to the recommended dosages.

    I know from experience and I associate the level of uncontrollable grunts I make during a workout with how high my test levels happen to be at that point. It could be a purely psychological placebo effect but I always seem to have better workouts when my noise regulator is turned off.

    Since starting Alpha I haven’t had a workout yet where I didn’t make some type of noise while lifting, for me this is a good sign.

    Next, I have noticed that not only do I look better muscularity wise my strength has been increasing since starting the product. I had been riding a nice plateau after a adductor injury and now I am starting to see some gains again across the board. I’ll liken it to almost being on a linear progression because I have been able to up the weights each time I come back to an exercise.

    Ok, now outside the gym this is what I’ve seen. This is kinda funny and is probably just a side effect of the higher testosterone but I have noticed that my clothes fit better and somehow I feel as though I am better dressed now. Its hard to explain but my guess is that the extra test is influencing my decisions on what to wear or my perception of what I have been wearing has changed. I have noticed more women checking me out and I generally feel more accomplished and confident than I normally do. Also my hair looks awesome, always.

    The libido effects are real not only am I more sexually uninhibited but when the sexual urges hit, they hit hard, I don’t want to say uncontrollable, but you will definitely be more adventurous.

    The only con I would say was that I was starting to get some nice “bacne” the first week but that has subsided a little.

    This product accomplishes what it sets out to do and its cool to notice the effects.

    I hope this review is helpful and my props goes out to Jaime for making a great product.

  27. Johnson

    Never have I used a striclty herbal test booster and come close the results Ive had with Alpha. This stuff is legit when looking for a herbal test supp. You can stop searching now.

  28. Alan

    Before I buy any testosterone boosters my first step is to research the ingredients at Examine and webmd and review the effectiveness and dosages. I have also purchased and tried several boosters or specific supplement such as tribupus, fenugreek, and longjax with mix results.

    As the ingredients in this boosters have a decent amount of research, I decided to give it a try.

    Overall, I am satisfied with this booster as I felt good at the gym and performed several PR at my first powerlifting meet in February. My only concern with this product is the zinc amount may be too much if the user is already taking multivitamin or zma. Because my multivitamin already had zinc, I took less pills than recommended, but I still definitely felt the effect of that booster.

  29. Drew

    This is the first time I used a natural test booster and I highly recommend this product. I used this following a cycle and I didn’t experience any side effects. In fact, I experienced continued strength gains, maintained leanness and I couldn’t keep my hands off my wife. I highly recommend this product from Chaos and Pain.

  30. Anonymous

    So when I took this product I had sex 8 times in one day and got my girlfriend pregnant. Felt pretty territorial too. Maybe I’m just an asshole.

  31. Bart Maney

    I don’t know if this product made me much of a beast in the gym, but it did give me some rock solid erections.

  32. shagghie

    I’ve been too busy shagging my couch to get around to it.

    ‘buff said.

    -40 going on 15 again…

  33. Mike

    Cannibal Alpha is the best testosterone booster on the market. I have tried other brands that have failed miserably. After taking it for a week I have never felt better. Libido is through the roof, girlfriend is happy, and my vascularity has increased. I do a lot of research before I buy a supplement and have compared the ingredients in this to other brands, there is no comparison. Will be buying much more.

  34. Anonymous

    I’ve tried many different natural test boosters, and to cut to the chase, this blows every single one of them out of the water. I noticed increased libido, improved mood, and an overall sense of well being. I highly recommend this product, and can’t wait to try more supplements from CnP.

  35. Corpse

    Never really had much faith in, or used test boosters before. After taking this for a few days I did noticed more frequent and harder boners (lol).

    Also, I happened to be getting a few blood tests around after using this for 2 weeks, and my total test was up at 1260 ng/dl, natty. Not sure if I attribute all of it to Alpha, but I’m sure it helped and have just ordered another couple tubs.

  36. Anonymous

    Fast service and an awesome feeling of power after a week’s use. I already feel the results.

  37. Anonymous

    I haven’t taken this product long enough to give the review that it deserves, as it has only been a week since I started. With that said, in regards to immediate benefits, I definitely feel like I’m already getting a bit denser, vascular, and the libido boost is INSANE. Rock hard at full and mildly below that at half staff. I’ve taken test boosters before and some were decent, but this product is definitely the fastest acting test booster and high quality libido rush in comparison to other brands. C+P all motherfucking DAY, bitch.

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