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Instantized BCAA Blend

Cannibal Carna

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Supplement Facts


Cannibal Carna is a highly instantized, zero-calorie, 8:1:1 branched chain amino acid designed to aid hard-training athletes' performance and recovery. Packed with 3.2 grams of Leucine, Cannibal Carna is ideal for endurance athletes, as consumption of a BCAA blend consisting of at least 30% Leucine prior to training has been shown to increase mental and physical performance in their respective sports (1). Resistance trained athletes will benefit from Cannibal Carna's Leucine content as well, as pulses of Leucine during post-exercise recovery have been shown to increase muscle hypertrophy and maintaining net positive muscle protein (2). With two delicious flavors and no carbohydrates, Cannibal Carna is the perfect addition to pre-, intra-, or post-workout drinks to ensure reduced muscle soreness, improved performance, and to preserve muscle mass.

Highly instantized, so Cannibal Carna will mix easily even with a spoon.

8:1:1 ratio of Leucine, Valine, and Isovaline, providing an excellent balance of branched-chain amino acids and a highly effective dose of leucine.

Fortified with extra glutamine to ensure increased muscle recovery and reduced soreness.


  • Mero A. Leucine supplementation and intensive training.Sports Med. (1999)
  • Norton LE, Layman DK. Leucine regulates translation initiation of protein synthesis in skeletal muscle after exercise. Journal of Nutrition. (2006)
Cannibal Carna BCAA Recovery Drink

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8 Reviews

  • Chris

    Posted on 15 Jun 2017 5

    "Best recovery and tastes great!"

  • MV

    Posted on 07 Mar 2017 5

    "The BCAA I have been looking for! Tastes amazing, mixes well, and works AMAZING!! A scoop of this & a scoop of some PW in a half-gallon of water and I'm actually looking forward to my 5am workouts!"


    Posted on 31 Oct 2016 5

    "It was love at first sip! Seriously though this is By far my favorite bcaa product around!! I can get over how damn good it tastes and the fact that it helps with my recovery makes it a staple in my arsenal of supplements! I mix 2-3 scoops with my gallon of water and i am good for the day! For the price this has to be one of, if not THE best bcaa on the market imo!!!"

  • Stephanie

    Posted on 16 Aug 2016 5

    "Best tasting BCAA out there. I put 5-6 scoops in a gallon of water and drink throughout the day everyday!!"

  • John Burdette

    Posted on 01 Jun 2016 5

    "Recently purchased Cannibal Carna and love it. Amazing energy, taste and all around gives me the BCAAS I want!"

  • Posted on 21 Mar 2016 5

    "Used this for the first time after leg day, which usually leaves me stiff and bitching, no bull shit this stuff left me with just some tightness and still able to carry on, definitely recommend it. "

  • Posted on 14 Mar 2016 5

    "Mixes well, tastes great, profile looks good. What more can you ask for."

  • Austin

    Posted on 29 Feb 2016 5

    "I love this product, I ordered the strawbloody kiwi flavor! Tastes amazing 2-3 scoops in my gal and my day is ready to go. The ratio in this product is killer and has helped me cut while gaining muscle! Best thing I noticed right when I opened my tub was that it was FILLED TO THE BRIM which I ablsalutly f*cking love about chaos and pain they know what is best for their customers! I rate carna 10/10 for the awesome ratio following a bad ass taste, filled to the brim and the wicked f*cking art!! I highly recommend this stuff!!"