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Cannibal Claw Thyroid Fat Burner


(15 customer reviews)

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Losing fat never goes fast enough, and with most fat burner supplements, the faster you want to lose it, the jitterier you get. No one wants to look like their neighborhood crackhead on the street corner, so Chaos and Pain decided to bring the world a thyroid fat burner that speeds thyroid activity, rather than your adrenal system, to burn fat. As we said with Cannibal Inferno, body fat is the enemy, and we’re declaring total war. Utilizing three main ingredients no one’s ever thought to combine, T2, 3,5-Diiodo-L-tyrosine, and N-Caffeoyldopamine, Cannibal Claw will rip the fat off your body by jacking your thyroid activity through the roof while the N-Caffeoyldopamine acts as a selective beta-2 adrenoreceptor agonist to stimulate fat loss through traditional means, but without the shakes. Other companies have claimed they have a game changer, but we’re telling you- this is it.

Fatties will fat no more!

15 reviews for Cannibal Claw Thyroid Fat Burner

  1. Karen Saggu

    This was the best Thyroid product on the market. It changed everything for me I hope it comes back soon.

  2. James Ray (verified owner)

    I am over 40, and I am active. I did not realize my energy levels had fallen off until I tried Claw. I was able to push harder and felt like I was 25 again. Once I was done with a 6-week set and it cleared my system, I went in for a check-up. I am low-normal for my age.
    It works.
    5 pounds down in week one while running a healthy calorie deficit. about 1.4 pounds a week thereafter. I will be ordering again as soon as I can start taking more. Zero negative side effects in my experience. (Following instructions exactly.)

  3. Neli Jackson

    Having my thyroid test come up “low normal” it didn’t matter what fat-burners I used, they never seemed to show any results. Cannibal-claw is like magic! Just that little bit of help for my thyroid threw my body into fat-burning mode! I have owned 3 bottles, can’t get enough!!

  4. Anonymous

    I LOVE how this stuff makes me feel. 2 capsules & I feel sort of high, for lack of better term. I’m 2 weeks in, no idea if I’ve lost weight yet but I look leaner, am not napping as often as before & have tons more energy. Is this what my thyroid’s supposed to be doing?! It’s pricey for just a couple weeks worth, but man does it make you happy!

  5. Anonymous

    Great product although i think it is very expensive considering the recommended dose and what you actually get in the bottle. Personally I would only buy it again if the price was lowered or enough capsules for 30 days eas included.

  6. austin lee

    Have been taking in stack with Inferno for about a week now and Claw has been working great. I have tons of energy and I never feel jittery or sick like with other thermos.

  7. Anonymous

    I found this to be very effective for trimming the fat. I waited until week 6 when I had my diet and training zeroed in consistently before starting in with the Claw so that I was able to quantify the results. With only changing this one aspect, it was easy to attribute the sped up results to this formula. From all appearances and measurements, it was easymode fat loss. I seemed to run a little hotter, and had more energy for the gym which also helped a great deal.

    The only reason I gave this great product 4 stars instead of 5 was due to the insomnia I suffered from while on it after a couple of days on(this went away the next night after finishing). I just figure I respond strongly to the ingredients which is fine because it did everything I needed it to.

    I’ll be trying this as a pairing with Cannibal Inferno next time around.

  8. Anonymous

    Summer’s coming up and I could use an edge in quickly blasting the small love handles I’ve developed over the winter, so I gave Cannibal Claw a shot. (I’ve used Inferno before and had success with it.) I’m about a week in and the results are already noticeable.
    Granted, it works, but don’t expect miracles if your plan is to sit on your fat ass, cramming Cheetos into your face. Save that for your retirement.
    Another reviewer touched on this, but I’ve also experienced a strange, hard to describe feeling.
    (Sort of like nausea, but not nausea at the same time. Weird, I know.) At my weight, I’m taking 3 pills twice a day for a total of 6 a day, so believe me when I say this is some potent shit!
    But other than that, as soon as I get moving on with my day, it goes away pretty quick.
    Don’t let this deter you from purchasing, though. It’s well worth adding to your routine.

  9. Aamir Syed

    At my weight, I had to take 3 pills 2x’s a day = 6 pills a day. 1 Bottle = 10 days and I ended up running 2 bottles for a total of 20 days. So it doesn’t last long, but I understand from a business perspective that each bottle has to be affordable. That being said, I think chaos and pain is an honest company (maybe the only honest supplement company) and this is a sign that nothing is underdosed.

    I tried taking it on an empty stomach and it made me feel like crap. It’s hard to describe, it was almost a hypoglycemic feeling alongside serious thermogenesis. I feel that it’s a potent product. As a result I started taking it with meals and no longer felt the hypo feeling but still maintained a gentle warm/thermo feeling.

    I emailed Wayne (who responded within 10 mins!) regarding the efficacy of the product taken with food. He said that the ingredients are hormonal in nature and pass through the blood brain barrier and that taking it with food doesn’t alter it’s effects.

    Through the years I’ve gained muscle, lost fat, but the overall shape of my body stayed the same. These love handles really ruin the aesthetics! In only 20 days with this product and a good diet I’ve seen some positive improvements. it’s possible that I may be thyroidially challenged (not sure if that’s a word, but cannibal genius helps me create a new vocabulary!) and this product has given me slight edge in that department by keeping the metabolism humming.

  10. eric

    As a bigger guy it is very difficult to find the product that is strong enough and this product definitely works it doesn’t last as long but great products are not cheap

  11. Erik

    Certainly most of anyone’s fat loss comes from hard work and proper diet. But this will make your life quite a bit easier. Do what the fuck your supposed to do, but if you take this it accelerates your results. That is exactly what everyone wants. Combine this with either Cannibal Inferno, or the Claw/Amped stack and you’re set.
    Chaos and Pain seriously have their shit together, there is no better place to get supplements.

  12. Mad Max

    I had taken a few months off from serious training due to new job/new baby etc etc so when I began this supplement my intensity was not at a peak level at all.

    I was walking around at 235-245 muscular no abs visible.

    After 4 weeks I was walking around at 221-232.

    I especially like this supp because I have an extremely low-tolerance for stims in terms of sleeping. Claw had no negative effect on my sleep whatsoever, and from an aesthetic perspective it appears that the loss was primarily fat.

  13. Steven James

    Always looking for an edge, unlike the other day burners out there this one has a different approach. The others make me feel high in the worse ways, I’ve only just started though I’m excited to see where and how far it takes me, fucking rupees is my goal though

  14. Paul C.

    Stuff is at the pinnacle of supplementation and by far the best I’ve ever used. Immediate results, no adverse effects and results inside of 10 days. The product meets and exceeds all of its outrageous claims about fat burning. I would give it six stars if I could.

    If you can’t lean out on this–and I’m not talking a few lbs, I’m talking substantial fat loss–it’s all on you.

  15. Anonymous

    Stats when starting:

    5’3″, 165 lbs

    7 days of Claw + Inferno: Lost 4 lbs without any change in diet.

    Yes, I was already in a calorie deficit. Yes, I train hard 5 days a week. But I was planning to lose 1 lbs a week MAX. Dropping 3 extra lbs of (presumably) fat and seeing my strength stay? AWESOME.

    If you’re already putting in the work, Claw is like an accelerant. It’ll speed up your fat loss like nothing else. HIGHLY recommended!

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