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"The All-Father wove the skin of your life a long time ago. Go and hide in a hole if you wish, but you won’t live one instant longer. Your fate is fixed. Fear profits a man nothing."

When we're not out killing animals in our backyard and rending them with our bare teeth for additional, bloody protein, we're out hunting personal records in the gym, on the platform, and out back with the big rocks no one else can hoist. Every now and again, though, we go to the well and find nothing there- our reserves have been tapped from a long day of being awesome and we need a little supplemental insanity to inspire us to the greatness we exhibit every day. That's nothing new- hunters have used since time immemorial to reduce reaction time, increase strength, and improve performance.

This is why Chaos and Pain has created Cannibal Ferox AMPED- we like to exhibit the ferocity the name "Ferox" indicates, and even when we feel good we like to be even more dangerous in the gym. Knowing, however, that some people just feel dangerously sick whe, they consume yohimbine hcl, we re-released our previous formula of Cannibal Ferox without the offending ingredient. Cannibal Ferox AMPED contains:

  • the maximum legal amount of caffeine, plus higenamine, hordenine, and synephrine, to provide an the amount of sustainable energy that can only be descibed as "f*cking FIERCE".
  • enough nootropics to this blend to make you feel like Einstein after he fell face first into a coca plant.  N-• Acetyl L-Tyrosine act synergistically to increase mental focus, decrease reaction time, and generally supercharge your brain.
  • citrulline malate and creatine to increase power output and workout duration.
  • bioperine to dramatically increase the absorption rate and duration of higenamine and hordenine.

Cannibal Ferox AMPED will literally make you as lethal as you'll feel after taking it.

Before you get started on the directions… We entrusting you with one of Chaos and Pain's most feral babies, and you should feel honored. As you open the lid, bear in mind you should use common sense when ingesting this product, as it contains stimulants that can have harmful side effects when ingested in large quantities, and you're looking at serious quantities of stimulants. Referred to by one Examine.com contributor as "dangerous and irresponsible", Cannibal Ferox AMPED is guaranteed to be the top of the top best pre workout supplements you've ever tried, provided you love stimulants.


We packed this thing with every legal stimulant and nootropic we could find, making it perfect for anything ranging from picking things up and putting them down, smashing through all-night study sessions, or just getting through a workday with a hangover.

So you're ready to chew through a barbell when you hit the gym, drop 1 heaping scoop of Cannibal Ferox AMPED into whatever liquid you so desire.

Don't take this stuff within 6 hours of bedtime, unless you like staring at the ceiling instead of counting sheep. Unless you want to recreate the Alien birth scene with your heart playing the role of a xenomorph chestburster, NEVER exceed 2 scoops in 24 hrs.

  • Don't take this stuff within 6 hours of bedtime, unless you like staring at the ceiling instead of counting sheep.
  • Unless you want to recreate the Alien birth scene with your heart playing the role of a xenomorph chestburster, NEVER exceed 2 scoops in 24 hr
CANNIBAL FEROX Amped Stim Pre Workout Supplement

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  • Neil

    Posted on 29 Dec 2017 5

    "I've been cycling through various pre workouts over the past six months and this is by far my favorite. doesn't give the face tingles and doesn't leave me feeling wired like others I've liked, but it's gotten me through various workouts and left me still feeling great afterwards. I've done a couple HIIT & lifting programs, and a couple three hour Muay Thai bag sessions, and I've come out the other end of these workouts with zero fatigue.

    Paired it with the Cannibal Genius Nootropic and have been super stoked with the results. "

  • Mike

    Posted on 17 Nov 2017 5

    "The product works like it says. The amount of focus, concentration and lasting energy it provides is face melting. Definitely be careful with doing more than a normal dose because one is all you need. I've tried many pre-workouts in the past but it's been quite some time where I could feel an entire next level amped. My incline, decline and flat bench all melted away to some tunes and this potent fuel. Highly recommend. "

  • Petter Karlsen

    Posted on 20 Oct 2017 5

    "For the longest time i've been looking for a good preworkout that doesnt have beta-alanine and i've finally found one that gives me a kick and doesnt have beta-alanine! "

  • daniel iverson

    Posted on 16 Oct 2017 5

    "I have tried a variety of pre workouts over the few years I have been training and have found Cannibal Ferox Amped to be the most effective and high quality pre workout supplement I have used. This stuff will definitely get you fired up for big lifts, cardio sessions or gnarly hypertrophy. I've used it myself for energy boosts during powerlifting meets that have run on too long, with no bad side effects and no hard crash. I have also used it at work when a shift runs on into that 15+ hour mark to keep myself energized and focused. I would absolutely recommend this product."

  • Ralph Hilbert

    Posted on 31 Jul 2017 5

    "Cannibal ferox is the best preworkout I've ever used, and I've tried about everything made. I have had issues with other high end preworkout formulas giving me a huge crash after they wear off, not this stuff. It's like a grizzly hatef*cking a unicorn, and afterwards taking it to a nice dinner. It's like snorting cocaine off a hooker's ass without the addiction...."

  • Thomas Kluck

    Posted on 15 Jun 2017 5

    "Cannibal ferox lives up to expectations. When it promises face melting results it isn't messing around. Amazing flavor and the heaviest squatting session I have been able to boast in quite some time. "

  • Elliot

    Posted on 11 May 2017 5

    "Such a sick product. It's taken my workouts to a whole new intensity."

  • Garrett

    Posted on 09 May 2017 5

    "This is hands down the best pre workout I have tried. It give me all the energy and power I need to get threw my workout"

  • Logan

    Posted on 07 Apr 2017 5

    "I ordered this product after sampling some of my friends Riot pre workout I believe it was. Getting onto the website, I stumbled upon this beautiful thing. I was Sold. Ordered it. Shipping was great. Very fast, especially to Hawaii.

    Now the good stuff. I open it up. I pour one scoop into some water. Chug that shit. The straw bloody kiwi flavor is a great flavor. Slightly sour but delicious. I then indulged into some loud music to give my body some time to ingest and begin the face melting sensations that we all love so much. 15 minutes.. 20... 32 minutes later I'm sitting in this same chair. No tingling. No jolts. Goosebumps. A newfound sense of focus. But no tingling. I proceed to the gym. I lifted like a maniac and was overall extremely impressed with this product. I use it daily. Still not sensations other than have a reserve of energy and a strong focus ability. If you're looking for the tingles. Get something else from the website. If you want to show up. And get it done with ungodly amounts of strength once you pick that weight up. Get this. You won't be disappointed. "