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Cannibal Inferno AMPed Fat Burner


(32 customer reviews)
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“How is Inferno AMPed different from the Bestselling Inferno?” – Asked every day. When we decided to bring out Inferno AMPed, many people thought that we were replacing the original Inferno. Wrong! We released AMPed because we believe in the most important quality about America. Choices!!

Inferno AMPed Does Multiple Things!Cannibal Inferno AMPed has the uncanny ability to do multiple things. Here are a few of its signature moves:

  • Helps you burn off stubborn body fat.
  • Gives you tons of energy.
  • Gives your brain a boost.

Caffeine, the Base. Just like Chaos and Pain’s other fat burners and pre-workouts, Inferno AMPed has enough caffeine to take you to the next level. Packed with synergistic ingredients, AMPed’s formula was designed to give you long lasting energy.

No Yohimbe! We get it, some people just don’t like Yohimbe. For you, we designed Inferno AMPed. And no worries, we threw in Thermo-V and Acetyl-L-Carnitine to make sure that you get the same fat transportation effects as Inferno. 2-Amino to the rescue! To ensure that AMPed would get you going, 2-Amino was added to the formula. This unique ingredient works synergistically with Caffeine, just like 1,3-DMAA, but doesn’t give you a crash! The enhanced energy effect gradually tapers off.

It can make you smarter? Well, hopefully… Alpha GPC helps in the production of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is the neurotransmitter primarily responsible for attention, focus, and memory recall. Acetyl-L-Carnitine helps with fat transportation throughout the body, and the brain.

How long can you use Inferno AMPed? We recommend cycles of 8 weeks for best results, with a minimum of one serving per day. Take before workouts and cardio. On non-workout days take in the morning, and/or midday for a quick pick me up. You can take up to 3 capsules of Inferno AMPed a day. Do not exceed 3 caps in a 24-hour period! Chaos and Pain is not responsible if your brain melts.

Can Inferno AMPed be stacked with anything else? Yes! Inferno AMPed goes great with any pre-workout or non-stimulant fat burner. Just use your pre-workout in place of one of your daily doses of Inferno AMPed. If you would like to use Inferno AMPed before your workout to maximize your fat burning ability, stack it with our non-stimulant pre-workout supplement Cannibal PermaSwole or one of our Thyroid fat burners like Cannibal Claw or Predator.

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For increased thermogenesis and a tasty drink throughout the day, Inferno AMPed stacks great with Cannibal Carnage. Click here for more info on Cannibal Carnage.

For LEAN, Anabolic Gains, stack Inferno AMPed with Chemical One! Click here now for more info on Chemical One.




32 reviews for Cannibal Inferno AMPed Fat Burner

  1. Carmen Di Mino (verified owner)

    Great addition to the supplements at home. Good for on the go travel and comparable to a kick ass cup of coffee. Stack it with Agro for mental Lou Retton, Van Damne effects.

  2. Matthew Wilson (verified owner)

    Great product. A good alternative to coffee if you need a swift kick in the ass in the morning. I work 12 to 14 hour days and this stuff keeps me going all day long.

  3. Imrich Kucej (verified owner)

    one of the best fat burners/pre workouts that I ever had. Pure madness. I love it and I would recommend this to everybody.

  4. CT (verified owner)


  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Legit burner/energy booster. I only take
    one capsule at a time twice a day and it gives
    a great effect without the crazy jitters and crash.

  6. Kaycee

    I started using this product with the intention of getting over my fitness plateau and it definitely helped me! I had an increase in energy and increase in slimming down. Not to mention the customer service is amazing! I received a package and it was missing a product, they immediately sent it out after I notified them and to my surprise there was an extra one in the box! So nice of them to do! Thank you Chaos and Pain for being so awesome and having awesome products!

  7. Sébastien D-L

    Like everybody who ever worked in distribution knows, errors happens…
    Got an error in my delivery, contacted them. Few hours later and I got an answer saying to keep the wrong product and that they will ship me the right product for free.
    Few days later and it was already here.
    Chaos and Pain’s guys are awesome. Good service and good products. Thanks guys.

  8. Anonymous

    I have been taking this for a few months now and I have lost 20lbs without changing my diet and no exercise (even though I should) not only am I impressed with the weight loss but I feel so much better when taking it. I recently ran out and went five days without it and felt horrible. Great energy without the shakes. I am dedicated to this product and will never take anything else.

  9. Teran Gray

    So I’ve been taking cannibal inferno amped for 3 days and I can already tell it’s working great! I’ve noticed a lot more energy and motivation to do daily tasks. I’ve also noticed a little fat has melted away! Haven’t dropped any weight but as far as looks go which I’m sure is what most people are concerned about any way it’s working excellently! I suggest anyone on the fence about fat burners like I was, to buy this product!

  10. Fenris

    This stuff works! I’ve found my metabolism boosted, my appetite drop, my focus increase, and of all thing my libido raise. I’d recommend this for anyone who wants that extra oomph!

  11. William Chandler

    I received this product July 1, 2016, along with Cannibal Genius and Cannibal DiVinci. I am taking this as a Nootropic Enhancer because of the 650 MG of ALCAR and several other ingredients. The energy lasts all day and helps to enhance and sustain the other two products. It is now approaching 7pm Mountain time on July 5. From the first set of pills I took on 8am on July 2nd until now, I have been able to write over 21,000 words on my novel. I have taken other nootropic stacks before from other companies, and I am sure I have had these sustained stretches of productivity, but I honestly can say I have not experienced the amount of positive drive and will. I am beyond overjoyed with the results so far.


    I have tried a lot off different fat burners this one is one of the top ones I have tried. It gives you energy and the sweat it gives you in the gym feels great I would recommend this product for sure.

  13. Roula

    “Some people just wana watch their fat burn” is the best description about this product! So from a female’s point of view: I love this product because it pumps me to get through the day, i dont crave shit food, my stomach feels full through the day and i can feel the rise of temp through my body! I recommend this product for anyone!! (except with a heart condition because its pretty powerful) Iv always stood by C&P and theyve never disappointed!!

  14. DDay

    I like using fat burners as a catalyst to get back into some consistency in the gym and I have really enjoyed this product. I started day 1 with only taking 2 capsules in the morning but quickly moved to 3 in the morning because the 2 wasn’t enough. I had consumed a good amount of caffeine before the product so I don’t notice a surge of energy as much as I notice a consistent steady energy. I am feeling and looking tighter which also has its mental affect your in motivating me in my workouts. All in all, I really like this product and out of all the products I have taken to support getting lean, this will be one I continue in my use.

  15. Wilbert

    I took Inferno Amped mix with Cannibal Claw and got great results. Was doing 3 Inferno in the morning and 2 Claw. But I just ordered again and this time will be using the max 6 of each, will do 3 morning and 3 6-7 hours later.

    Will make another review by April and will upload transformation pics to IG: wilbertphysique

  16. Anonymous

    Trying out other fat burners to help me have failed me
    This product goes straight to the point

  17. C.Hagy

    I’ve tried a lot of C&P’s supplements over the last year, and I have to say this is my favorite. I, like many of the other reviewers, have a manual labor job, and this supplement gives me the energy I need to get it done AND get my workout in.

  18. Jason

    I was skeptical at first because most pills like this don’t work for me. But I actually take less then recommended and can feel a huge difference

  19. Denny

    I have a very labor intencive job. With being said,
    I need my energy. In my job I can easily walk
    15,000+ steps. I also have many things to carry,
    And move. I take 2in the am, then 2more later.
    After that I am ready for my long days on the construcción site. I have noticed my overalls are fitting better.
    My family has noticed me loosing weight. I highly
    Recommend this product. If you like being fat and
    lazy, then ignore what your reading here.

  20. Denny

    No matter is your in The gym or on a construction site. You need energy. I recommend this AWESOME product. You will cell energized and ready to work or work out. The price is also very good. So stop wasting your money on imitations and step up to the real deal. I love this product and I know you will after you try them.

  21. Mattias Åkerström

    I work a manual labour job and start pretty early in the morning, so I take 3 of these to wake my self up and get some focus. The energy is stable and dont make you crash. Also it doesnt cause any jumpiness or jitters. The thermo effect is nice, you sweat a little easier, but the extra body heat is perfect for cold mornings.

    All in all it’s a product that delivers what it says it does.

  22. Henry

    Let me just say holy shit this product works. I take 3 when I wake up and take 3 before working out with my pre workout and this will have you feeling like you’ll lift hard for hours. There’s no crash effect at all and the energy is actually sustained throughout the day unlike with other thermos I have tried. Inferno is the shit and I will continue to use this. Chaos and pain always deliver with top of the line products!

  23. austin lee

    Have been taking in stack with Cannibal Claw for about a week now and Claw has been working great. I have tons of energy and I never feel jittery or sick like with other thermos.

  24. Maria

    This stuff is great keeps me up and very focused. I love that there is no crash. Definitely brings up the heat in your workout.

  25. kenneth perry

    I don’t know what these other companies are doing but chaos and pain are setting the standard these days inferno is the name that explains this product to a science . Definitely buying another bottle

  26. Daniel

    This stuff is intense, cousin bought one for me and dropped quite a bit of pounds on a bottle, and would highly recommend it. Not only that, it’s energy effects are fantastic as well.

  27. Taylor LeVine

    As a caffeine addict I must say that the Cannibal Inferno and Cannibal Inferno Amped are my drugs of choice.
    It gives you a nice focused energy that makes you want to work or work out.

    You also get a nice(in my weird-ass opinion) rush of heat inside along with the feeling of focus.

    Also, the fat-burning effects work and this becomes apparent shortly after regular use. You should definitely get it if you want something to help you get the energy to work out and help you burn some fat off of your body while doing it.

    Also good for taking if you’re tired at work, want to do something productive or fun when you’re sluggish, and of course before a great weight-lifting session.

  28. Andres

    This product is nothing short of awesome! I’ve used a lot of different thermos, by far my favorite! Great energy and you can feel it within, not for the weak of heart literally haha. Chaos and Pain definitely rules!

  29. Anna

    Seems to really help my appetite!! Feel great. Don’t take late in the evening, unless your going out!!

  30. Jason Genova

    This is my first time using a fat burner to help with cutting. I’m part of team never cycle a pre-workout lol and usually a scoop of either ferox or permaswole before lifting. Inferno gives good energy, pop 3 in the morning and feel good clean energy. Pop 3 more in the afternoon before my workout, no need for preworkout with this stuff. When working out I feel myself sweating more but no gitters or hot internal body temp feelings. Haven’t been using long enough to say if it’s worth the money on helping with weight loss but it gives good energy.

  31. garrett

    I’ve been leaning out for couple months and getting closer to my goal I brought in the help of Inferno amped. thanks to it, I’ve been able to have an easier time controlling my cravings and staying under my calories. It also gives me solid energy for 2 a days of lifting or lifting/grappling. I’ve only been on it for a few days but, In general I feel more energetic and like my body temperature is higher than usual. I broke through my fat loss plateau and my workouts have been great. Highly recommended.

  32. Christian

    I’ve never used a fat burner before, and I don’t see myself using a different one ever again. I jumped on the BOGO offer just because C&P products fucking rule and also why the fuck not.
    I regularly drink strong-ass black coffee in the mornings and take a full scoop of ferrox before training, so I figured this wouldnt be a huge deal in terms of energy boosting and man was I FUCKING WRONG. I’ve taken 3 in the morning for a few days upon waking and am hit with an almost instant wave of clean energy that gets me going like nothing else. I pop 2 more pre-workout and 1 post. I didnt have a whole lot of extra fat to begin with, but it’s been literally two days and I’m already looking tighter. I was gonna wait a week to write a review but Inferno AMP’d told me to shut my whore mouth and do it right now. And believe me, when Inferno AMP’d speaks to you, you sit the fuck down and thank it for the blazing entropy it tells you about.

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