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Cannibal Inferno the best, quickest acting, high focus, energy boosting thermogenic fat burner available.

Cannibal Inferno Fat Burner

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Supplement Facts


“Can Inferno Replace my Coffee?” – Serious Question


One of the most asked questions over the past decade by Sports Supplement users never ceases.  Can your fat burner replace your coffee?  Yes!...  If it has caffeine and other stimulants.


Inferno Packs a Punch!


Cannibal Inferno as the uncanny ability to do two things.

1.       Help you burn off stubborn body fat.

2.       Give you tons of energy.


Are Fat Burners Just Caffeine?


If you are lucky enough to have one of Chaos and Pain’s fat burners, then NO!!


Yes, caffeine is one of the best fat burners of all time.  However, to really give you the quickest results, that you can see, it needs a little bit of help. 


Inferno Comes Packing the Heat!


Inferno comes packing novel ingredients like Orchilean and Grapefruit extract.  However, it separates itself from the pack with Thermo-V!


Thermo-V is a blend of specialty extracts from multiple pepper ingredients.  This combo of greatness does several things.


It helps

  • Increase your metabolism
  • Warms you up
  • Boost your energy
  • Makes caffeine and the other ingredients work better

Increased fat transportation?


And just like our other fat burners, Inferno targets every aspect of fat burning.  Acetyl-L-Carnitine is used in Inferno to aid in fatty acid mobilization.  L-Carnitine is the fat pickup truck.  Acetyl-L-Carnitine is the fat dump drunk with a NOS system. 




It can make you smarter?


Yes… Again, for most people.  However, some just can’t be helped.


Acetyl-L-Carnitine helps transport fatty acids so they can be used by the body.  One place this process comes in handy is in the brain, where fatty acids are used for brain repair and growth.


And to give the fatty acids direction where to build and repair, Alpha GPC was included in the Jupiter project.  This nootropic ingredient works by supplying your brain with the raw materials needed to make the neurotransmitter acetylcholine.  Acetylcholine is the neurotransmitter primarily responsible for attention, focus, and memory recall.


How long can you use Inferno?


We recommend cycles of 8 weeks for best results, with a minimum of one serving per day.  Take before workouts and cardio.  On non-workout days take in the morning, and/or midday for a quick pick me up. 



You can take up to 3 capsules of Inferno a day.  Do not exceed 3 caps in a 24-hour period!  Chao and Pain is not responsible if your brain melts.



Can Inferno be stacked with anything else?


Yes!  Inferno goes great with any pre-workout or non-stimulant fat burner.  Just use your pre-workout in place of one of your daily doses of Inferno.


If you would like to use Inferno before your workout to maximize your fat burning ability, stack it with Cannibal PermaSwole.  Cannibal PermaSwole is a non-stimulant pre-workout that supplies your body with the necessary NO precursors to take your pumps and recovery to Mars!


 Click her for more info on PermaSwole.


For increased thermogenesis, Inferno stacks amazingly well with Cannibal Claw, Cannibal Carnage, and Predator.


Click here for more info on these potent thermogenics.


For a truly LEAN anabolic experience, stack Inferno with Chemical One!  Click here now for more info on Chemical One.

Are you ready for the Inferno??




Cannibal Inferno the best, quickest acting, high focus, energy boosting thermogenic fat burner available.

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54 Reviews

  • Jacob

    Posted on 17 Oct 2018 5

    "Top notch. Thanos would use this fat burner. 10/10. "

  • Mike P

    Posted on 08 Oct 2018 5

    "I use inferno as my morning coffee and up my dose when I want to stack with claw or other great c&p products to burn fat"

  • Joni Craft

    Posted on 18 Aug 2018 5

    "I have used this product successfully in the past to reach my goal weight. In preparation for my first powerlifting meet, I added Inferno to my daily regimen to ENSURE I made my weight class!! I was several pounds in range!! Second successful try with this product to hit goal weight."

  • Mark

    Posted on 07 Oct 2017 5

    " Just want to say I'm a brand new Chaos & Pain customer from the UK, and I have to tell you these supplements are incredibly powerful! I'm using Cannibal Inferno (original), Genius and Alpha. Already my energy levels have sky-rocketed with an amazing drive and focus and it's not yet been 2 weeks since I started! I also have Inferno Amped and Red Sky which I will use in due course.

    The Olympia discount was an incentive to try C&P. So glad I did!

    Keep up the incredible work, guys!



  • Mike

    Posted on 23 Sep 2017 5

    "I have sworn by this product for years now. I would recommend to anyone as a daily fatburner (or a replacement for coffee). I love me some Inferno."

  • Ameya

    Posted on 30 Jul 2017 5

    "Stacked it with Cannibal Genius
    Increased focus and energy while dieting at 1700 cals, lifting 5x week, and working two jobs.

    This will help you get it done but without a diet and exercise plan in place don't expect to get results.

    Ie. You can't eat a caloric excess not train take cannibal and expect to get ripped.

    If you are doing those 2 things (diet + training) this will definitely help you reach your goals.

    Gonna try red sky next. "

  • Steve

    Posted on 28 Apr 2017 5

    "I have only been using this for about a week. It warms me up and gives an energy boost. It definitely suppresses appetite as well. Great as a pre-workout since it doesn't give me jitters.

    I've definitely noticed a difference in body comp which is quite impressive being as how I only used it for a week.

    Be prepared to take some serious shits. Not the diarrhea, run to the bathroom shits, but like some messy shits which I can only describe as shitting out the fat. That's literally what it feels like. It's different than a normal poo. This is my theory: The fats gotta go somewhere, right? So why not poop it out?

    Despite this, the product works great and I like the feeling it gives. It gets the job done. "

  • Yvette Zabala-Garriga

    Posted on 09 Aug 2016 5

    " Love this thermo! I prefer them over pre workouts and thisbisby far the best I have tried! Energy without all the crazy jitters which is important for me being 115lb, 4'11 female.. amazing like all of the chaos and pain products!!"

  • James

    Posted on 08 Aug 2016 5

    "I wouldn't say I got this stuff for fat loss, but it definitely has begun to make a difference in fat being lost. I bought this product for energy, and it delivers. There is no joke with this stuff. For the first couple of days it took some adjusting to the crazy energetic feeling I got from the first couple of doses. This stuff is NO JOKE. I love it. Energy, focus, no stupid crash, and more sweat then you can shake a stick at. Another reorder."