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Cannibal Inferno Fat Burner


(57 customer reviews)

Enter Cannibal Inferno.  So named because it turns your body into a raging bonfire of thermogenesis, Cannibal Inferno combines high levels of stimulants to activate your nervous system with other stims that activate the receptors in so called “stubborn fat” to shed those love handles or saddlebags…

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Cannibal Inferno Fat Burner

For hand-wringing housewives who want to feel like they look a bit thinner at their church bake sale without any real noticeable progress, non-stim thermogenics are just fine.  They might have some mild effects when combined with a strict diet, and looking vaguely less sloppy at the beach is more than enough “progress” for the average person.

For the outliers, however, the people who desperately want to be so lean people can see our pancreas squeezing as it squirts insulin into our bloodstreams, or people who don’t want to get fat as we bulk, we need something far stronger.  Something short of DNP but head and shoulders above a lemon juice fast with some added garcinia cambogia. Hell, we don’t live in a vegan commune- we’re gym rats, and as such, we require that good good.

Enter Cannibal Inferno.  So named because it turns your body into a raging bonfire of thermogenesis, Cannibal Inferno combines high levels of stimulants to activate your nervous system with other stims that activate the receptors in so called “stubborn fat” to shed those love handles or saddlebags, then backstopped with various other ingredients to give you a full-spectrum thermogenic the likes of which the world has never seen.

Inferno contains as much caffeine as your favorite real energy drinks (I’m not talking about your parents’ weaksauce Red Bull), yohimbine HCl to activate your alpha-2 fat receptors and reduce the fat that just refuses to come off unless you’re starving yourself to death (it mobilizes your super emergency fat stores), and for added stimulanty goodness, and finally synephrine to round out the stimulants.  Though it’s not a stimulant, we’ve included grapefruit extract to increase the potency of the stimulants, as it increases the potency of caffeine in particular.

On top of that speedy base we have ginger, grains of paradise, and capsaicin, three different varieties of pungent (the correct word for “spicy”) chemicals that possess fat burning properties.  Grains of Paradise raise testosterone levels and contain 6 Paradol, a compound that stimulates abdominal fat loss, while capsaicin raises body temperature, which increases your caloric expenditure at rest.

Then there are the non-stimulant thermogenics, like chromium and acetyl L-carnitine, which help control blood sugar; green coffee bean extract, a mild fat loss agent beloved to the non-stim crowd.

Finally, Cannibal Inferno includes a revolutionary new ingredient called ProGBB.  According to one study, “Gamma-butyrobetaine (GBB) is a precursor in the biosynthesis of carnitine, which plays an important role in the beta-oxidation of fatty acids, and is converted to carnitine by gamma-butyrobetaine dioxygenase” (Fujita), meaning that supplementing with this must aid in the oxidation of fatty acid in your system, which means less jiggle in the gutt and butt when you’re strutting through the gym.

Is it possible to get lean without Cannibal Inferno?  Of course, but there’s very little point in attempting to walk to China when you can easily spend some money and get there in 12 hours rather than 12 years.  Get thermogenic and get the results you want in the timeframe you need them.

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Fujita M, Nakanishi T, Shibue Y, Kobayashi D, Moseley RH, Shirasaka Y, Tamai I.  Hepatic uptake of gamma-butyrobetaine, a precursor of carnitine biosynthesis, in rats.  Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol. 2009 Oct;297(4):G681-6.


57 reviews for Cannibal Inferno Fat Burner

  1. Kevin Chen

    THE OG…Nothing compares to the original

  2. John fisher

    This fat burner just checked all the boxes for me. Great energy and over all effect. I will be buying it again.

  3. Ryan K.

    The original – cannot be messed with

  4. Jacob (verified owner)

    Top notch. Thanos would use this fat burner. 10/10.

  5. Mike P (verified owner)

    I use inferno as my morning coffee and up my dose when I want to stack with claw or other great c&p products to burn fat

  6. Joni Craft (verified owner)

    I have used this product successfully in the past to reach my goal weight. In preparation for my first powerlifting meet, I added Inferno to my daily regimen to ENSURE I made my weight class!! I was several pounds in range!! Second successful try with this product to hit goal weight.

  7. Mark (verified owner)

    Just want to say I’m a brand new Chaos & Pain customer from the UK, and I have to tell you these supplements are incredibly powerful! I’m using Cannibal Inferno (original), Genius and Alpha. Already my energy levels have sky-rocketed with an amazing drive and focus and it’s not yet been 2 weeks since I started! I also have Inferno Amped and Red Sky which I will use in due course.

    The Olympia discount was an incentive to try C&P. So glad I did!

    Keep up the incredible work, guys!



  8. Mike (verified owner)

    I have sworn by this product for years now. I would recommend to anyone as a daily fatburner (or a replacement for coffee). I love me some Inferno.

  9. Ameya

    Stacked it with Cannibal Genius
    Increased focus and energy while dieting at 1700 cals, lifting 5x week, and working two jobs.

    This will help you get it done but without a diet and exercise plan in place don’t expect to get results.

    Ie. You can’t eat a caloric excess not train take cannibal and expect to get ripped.

    If you are doing those 2 things (diet + training) this will definitely help you reach your goals.

    Gonna try red sky next.

  10. Steve

    I have only been using this for about a week. It warms me up and gives an energy boost. It definitely suppresses appetite as well. Great as a pre-workout since it doesn’t give me jitters.

    I’ve definitely noticed a difference in body comp which is quite impressive being as how I only used it for a week.

    Be prepared to take some serious shits. Not the diarrhea, run to the bathroom shits, but like some messy shits which I can only describe as shitting out the fat. That’s literally what it feels like. It’s different than a normal poo. This is my theory: The fats gotta go somewhere, right? So why not poop it out?

    Despite this, the product works great and I like the feeling it gives. It gets the job done.

  11. Yvette Zabala-Garriga

    Love this thermo! I prefer them over pre workouts and thisbisby far the best I have tried! Energy without all the crazy jitters which is important for me being 115lb, 4’11 female.. amazing like all of the chaos and pain products!!

  12. James

    I wouldn’t say I got this stuff for fat loss, but it definitely has begun to make a difference in fat being lost. I bought this product for energy, and it delivers. There is no joke with this stuff. For the first couple of days it took some adjusting to the crazy energetic feeling I got from the first couple of doses. This stuff is NO JOKE. I love it. Energy, focus, no stupid crash, and more sweat then you can shake a stick at. Another reorder.

  13. Kai

    I ordered one bottle to try then ran out went back to my old thermo. It was not the same so ordered again will continue to order it this shit really works and makes you feel great

  14. Anonymous

    When I take permaswole I can feel my veins stretching and creating that terrifying effect of something under your skin kinda look. If that’s what you want, this product is for you. If not… Well that’s on you.

  15. Anonymous

    I’d recommend this product. I don’t care for the caffeine but that’s just me. Good product for the price.

  16. JG

    Very powerful/effective but doesn’t give me the jitters or make me feel shaky. I work 12+ hour night shifts sometimes & if I’m starting to hit the wall, this is an awesome substitute for a cup of my Sarge’s “Death Wish” Coffee.

  17. Anirudh Agrawal

    seriously just take a good look on quantity you take start with one capsule 3 times a day and eventually increase the quantity.. I dont know if its because of this burner but yes it happened while i was on this burner. kept the dose to 2 caps in morning before breakfast 3 before workout. had fruits veggies and milk for a month… and exercised 6 days a week… last one day swimming… they have got amazing energy. i have a target to loose next 20 pounds in next month ordered ferox amped with another inferno. will keep updating if i reach my goal… over all loved this f***ing red miracle workers… hope they dont have any long term sideeffects…

  18. Jamie B

    Inferno is a great fat burner that I recommend whenever someone says they need some extra help while dieting. It also works great as a coffee/energy drink alternative.

  19. Anonymous

    This is easily the best caffeine supplement there is. Personally I don’t even take it for fat loss, it’s a crucial ingredient in my morning routine. I feel amazing and have lasting clean energy. If you want to really hang your dick out and there be superman, combine this with Cannibal Genius!

  20. Anonymous

    Tried it out for a few weeks and man does it work. Just visually I can already see my love handles slowly vanishing. Just a quick shout out to Wayne Banks for being the most helpful person in the world that helped me out when i screwed up my order.

    Tl;dr buy it.

  21. Richard Leary

    … and then bought another one.

  22. Dustin

    Amazing how after years of fat burners on the market not living up to their claims, one comes out that does more at a very good price isn’t it? Not only am I finally starting to see my lower abs, nut I am also keeping lean muscle. Here I am smiling because I fit into size 34 jeans again, at ten lbs heavier than last time. Thanks guys!!

  23. Anonymous

    I approach this product with hesitance at first, but once I bit the bullet and purchased it, I’m now a believer. Holy Hell, the energy boost I’ve been getting from this is incredible!
    2 in the morning and 1 for a late afternoon pick-me up gets my ass through my daily schedule, jitter-free.(Not that I’ve had much trouble with caffeine anyways.)
    The furnace-like feeling in my belly just seems to further drive me by reminding me it’s there.
    Highly recommended.

  24. Andrew Jerome

    I mostly use this as a substitute/supplement for coffee in the morning, which is when I need the most help in my life. As a nocturnal person by nature, it effectively transforms me from a groggy, worthless piece of crap into an all-business machine designed by some mad scientist solely to stomp faces.

  25. Anonymous

    Inferno is by far the best fat burner I have ever used. It gets you amped up without the jitters common with caffeine. I take one upon waking and it carries me through early afternoon. Try pairing this product with Genius prior to training and your focus will be unreal. Highly recommended.

  26. shagghie

    Most fat burners make me feel like ass after a cycle when I’m off. This one, magically, does not. The half life of this stuff is also great because I can take one in the early afternoon without affecting my ability to get to sleep, and that’s while stacked with Noots too.

  27. Tarek

    Inferno is one of the best supplement i have ever taken, it really helped me suppressing my appetite and become more enrgetic. Ferox is the best pre and during workout drink I have ever used!

  28. Anonymous

    Wake up, shower, pop two pills, pow!

    There’s this comforting warmth in my belly area that is a furnace of awesome, the energy boost is very welcome and compares to the strongest coffee I’ve had minus the jittery sensations.

    Rating this four stars for the moment as I’ve only just started using it and cannot yet compare it to other products in terms of fat-loss, although I do have a strong feeling it will be a 5 star product.

  29. John

    Makes you wake up, feel awesome. Seems to improve reflexes, oddly. And it burns fat. Take it with food unless you enjoy the feeling of a fire inside your stomach. Didn’t really make me sweat though, just a feeling of warm energy and pure concentrated awesomeness.

  30. Dante

    I have received a few samples for Inferno over the last few months and each time I take the recommended dose (3 pills) I feel full of energy that lasts. My normal daily routine is to wake up and take a 200mg caffeine pill, which wakes me up well enough.

    Inferno gives me the same caffeine boost but all the other ingredients provide some extra energy and keep the buzz smooth. Its not quite that Ferox nootropic feeling but it really boosts my mood and makes me feel like smiling. Now that I have some extra cash and plenty of Ferox, I have placed an order for some Inferno.

  31. SKW

    As someone who is both terrible at cardio and cutting, I’ve found that this product makes both easier and even enjoyable. I’m eating at a ~400 calorie deficit currently and have been able to progress with my lifts still. Great focus and energy- amazing appetite suppressant. Will definitely be repurchasing.

  32. Dave Marcus

    I was a user of the original Inferno blend and had fair results, at best, from it. Not the case with the new blend of Inferno. 3 caps and within 30 minutes my bodyheat began to rise a bit.

    I have experienced no jitteriness or shakes. Very smooth and I love its “feel”. No aftertaste you get from some supplements either. As a pre-workout I take 3 caps with the new Ferox and go bat-crap crazy on the iron.

    If you don’t want to be ripped and hit PRs, pass on it. It just might kill you anyways.

  33. Dennis

    No jitters.
    No crash.
    Just solid energy for 5-6 hours by taking 2-3 pill each day. It’s helped me lose a few more pounds even with a clean diet of protein and fat.

    I start my day with 2 pills, then a extra one around lunch time to help the rest of the day.

    No problems with sleeping in the evening, 10-11pm.

    Solid supplement and highly recommend!

  34. Lucien Koefoed

    Been taking 2-3 a day along with 2-3 genius for a couple of months.
    From about 10 minutes after swallowing, to 5-6 hours later, feels like there is a constant well of manic energy sitting just below the surface.
    Nice touch of aggression to go with genius, and never crashed
    First time abs have surfaced despite a shitty diet.
    Would highly recommend.

  35. Carter Overmiller

    I love this stuff. If I weren’t a starving college student I would take this every damn day.
    It makes cutting weight fucking easy.
    I would normally wake up, pop a pill or three, then walk to class. 5 minutes into my walk I’d lose my grogginess and suddenly appreciate the crisp (cold as balls) air, and couldn’t help but smile at everyone.

    The feeling is hard to describe, kind of like a very small dose of Molly in the way that it made me very happy and also very energetic.
    I never noticed a real crash from these either!

  36. Anonymous

    I never trusted “fat burners” from GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Amazon, or anywhere. They all seemed like gimmicks and I figured fuck them all.

    Chaos & Pain’s product launch piqued my interest. I’ve been reading Jamie’s blog since 2010 and given his extensive research (on pretty much anything), I thought I’d give it a try.

    A few months into using the product, I am now seeing abs that haven’t been around since college. Never realized how fat I got until I lost some of it (Homer Simpson effect?).

    The “whore in church sweat” wears out after a time so that’s nothing to worry about.

    Would definitely recommend this product. The transparent label even helped my SO decide to try it out.


  37. Dan

    Not overwhelming in jitters or feeling sick like other pills can do, but at full dose (3 pills) you feel some warmth and sweat a bit.

  38. Nathan Boone

    No bullshit, this is the best fat burner I’ve ever tried. No jitters, no crash, no palpitations, just a smooth glowing warmth and lots of usable energy. It does exactly what it says it does and the ingredients are listed (in their entirety) right there on the bottle. The fuck more do you want?

  39. Anonymous

    I take two first thing in the morning, and then another before working out, and it gives me just the right amount of energy needed to last through a workout and the rest of my day. Doesn’t have a “crash” side effect. Great product that follows through on the promise. Already noticing positive results! Would recommend this, hands down.

  40. Anonymous

    Love this stuff, actually have trouble sleeping if i dose this at full strength. Great product that delivers on what it claims.

  41. Brian

    I am a person that has a high tolerance to stimulants, so I was excited to try a new product. I use Ferox and Genius but the Inferno rush is completely different. I took 3 pills about 20 minutes before my first meal of the day. The energy is intense but clean. As long as you eat and stay hydrated, there will be no jitters. My gf and I started the cutting process today and I firmly believe that Inferno is a superb catalyst along this endeavor.

  42. Jack M.

    For the ADD Crowd: If you’re young, male, and taking this, you can eat like shit, provided you get lots of protein and train twice a day seven days a week.

    Longer Version:

    I started taking this mid-January in conjunction with 25mg of ephedrine and 325mg of aspirin, once in the morning. I worked up from one capsule a day to three a day over the course of three weeks.

    I honestly didn’t notice any effects except that my resting heart rate was higher and I was sweating like a whore in church…until I stopped taking it.

    The entire time, I was training every day, twice a day, with the occasional break every week and a half or two weeks. I’d do a one day PSMF every week, and the rest of the time I ate pretty damn poorly. Lunch and breakfast were meat, protein shakes, eggs, and/or chorizo (Mexican sausage), usually with some form of carbohydrate, every now and again some veggies.

    I snacked on candy, and ate out nearly every night (I-HOP, Pizza, Asian food, whatever, with no restrictions) and with a little self-regulation, stayed around the same weight the entire time.

    Around the time I stopped taking it, I noticed three things. One, I was visibly leaner despite my eating habits. Two, I gained an inch on my forearms and an inch and a half on my upper arms in a month and a half. Three, my weight shot up by seven pounds within two weeks.

    I got my diet under control, continued training as normal, and progress has continued. But I can’t eat like shit…which is probably for the better. Also, my strength went up the entire time, and I just started with 135lbs for thick bar clean and presses for singles @ 150lbs.

    Good shit, Jamie.

  43. Jami D.

    Love this stuff! Kept with my same diet plan but thanks to the crazy weather my time at the gym was greatly reduced and I still dropped 7lbs in 3 weeks. Just took 2 in the morning and 1 mid-day if I needed an extra boost. No jitters, no crash and I my energy level is way up. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING has managed to kick my metabolism in after getting over cancer. All the crap my body went through sapped all of my muscles, all of my energy and effed up my metabolism to hell and back. This stuff managed to turn it on and crank it up. Makes me sweat like a beast in the gym and when I pair with Ferox, my endurance is easily doubled and my sets triple.

  44. Daevid

    I’ve used other thermogenics before but Inferno gave me the metabolism boost, without any caffeine induced jitters or heart racing.
    This product will make you sweat! From my experience I was fine if I took it and then just went about my day, but if I triggered it with exercise (or any other strenuous activity) then it was game on in the heat department.
    The only downside to this product is coming off it – caffeine withdrawals are a bitch.
    Definitely recommended.

  45. Cory Birdsong

    Had this for two weeks now and have nothing but good things to say. I am using this along with the Apex Predator Diet guidelines and have lost a total of 12 pounds in two weeks. I lost water the first week but managed to lose fat also. This second week I am down two more pounds. No jitters or megastim symptoms, just clean energy for hours. Would whole-heartedly recommend this to anyone looking for a fat burner!

  46. JohnO

    I modified my diet starting in January and didn’t change my training routine at all. I lost two pounds each of the first two weeks. Then I added in Inferno in this the third week. I lost four pounds this week.

    It is a smooth focus, not the speed/crack high you can get from a pre-workout/beta-alanine. And it lasts at least three hours. Haven’t had any trouble sleeping.

  47. Ben

    I can’t comment on the fat loss factor as I’ve been eating like dog shit, but it definitely suppresses my appetite. Like the other reviewers said, it gives a nice smooth energy release. 2 tabs twice a day does the job for me but if I’m feeling toey I’ll dump 3 in a hit and go apeshit. No comedowns or shakes.

  48. J.T.

    Headline pretty much sums it up. Double the cost of a comparative supply of ephedrine and caffeine tabs, but the effects seem to last a bit longer. Like an hour or so per dose, and less of a crash when the effects begin to dissapate.

    Not sure about the weight loss and/or fat burning effects. I’m just a stim-junkie looking for cheap NRG to get me through the work-day. I have been stacking Inferno with Bronkaid with no ill effects though. While expensive, it seems the best option so far. Unsure if I’d buy again.

  49. Ryan

    I scooped to bottles of this on release. I started with 3 capsules three times a day like a crazy person would. It made me sweat like a whore in church! I cut the dose back to 2 pills three times a day and that is my sweet spot. I am down 7lbs in about 4 weeks taking this product.

  50. Jason H.

    I’ve only been on it for 4 days now so I have no idea if it will actually help with weight loss. I can say that I’m up to 4 caps a day and I’ve gotten no jittery feeling so far. I haven’t had mind bending energy either. Just a smooth pick me up that is really enjoyable. I’ve actually been in a caloric deficit for three months now losing 1-1.5 lbs. per week so if it does help with weight loss I’ll let everyone know.

  51. Cihlar

    Been using this product pretty regularly for about a week now, really enjoying the results. Gives a nice, clean, high energy hum to my day without jitters like from large amounts of caffeine. Blood pressure increases seem to be less than caffeine as well for those that care.

    One thing I have noticed as well is that it has noticeably lowered my threshold for sweating. The first few days I thought I was actually fighting off a cold and had a mild fever. If this is something that would bother you, be warned, but I have not found it inconvenient at all.

    I have felt more motivated to go workout, but have not been taking it long enough to be able to distinguish better than average lift days over the past week versus any improvement from taking the supplement.

    Really loving it, makes staying up on long call nights much, much easier.

  52. Tyler

    6 of these babies a day keeps me going just fine and doesn’t give me that jittery/shaky feeling you get from most fat burners. Also keeps me from drinking 90 cups of coffee a day or getting cravings on a PSMF.

  53. John N.

    I’ve only been taking Inferno for a week so I can’t speak about the fat burning efficacy, but it has been awesome for energy. A few weeks ago, I started an ECY stack for the first time. I’ve replaced the caffeine and yohimbe with Inferno, and have noticed an increase in energy without getting the jitters and insomnia. Normally I’m very sensitive to stimulants. I dove right in, taking three caps three times a day and got away with it, but only because I’ve already built up a tolerance to caffeine/ yohimbe. If you’re starting a fat-loss stack from scratch, I reccommend introducing Inferno gradually. The bottle is not lying when it says this stuff is strong.

    Inferno works as intended. The only downside to me, personally, is the cost. As a broke college student, it’s not really worth paying for this stack when I can just buy bulk yohimbe and caffeine for cheap and achieve a similar effect. Still, for all the good shit you’re getting in this thing, it’s a great deal .

  54. Anonymous

    Can’t wait until Ferox gets here too–because even the fat burner Inferno has fired up both power and endurance during my last two workouts in a big way. Love the product.

  55. Angela

    I take 2 in the morning on an empty stomach and 2 after work. I don’t feel like shit or super fucking jittery throughout the day which is a huge plus.

    Get on this shit!

  56. Josh

    Let me preface this by saying that I’m a stim addict. I drink copious amounts of coffee and I’m well acquainted with several caffeine/thermogenic/fat burner supplements. So, that is going to change my experience somewhat from that of someone with a lower tolerance for caffeine. I also tolerate yohimbe well, which I’ve read can be a problem for some.

    Anyway, for the last three days, I’ve taken two of these as soon as I woke up and then two more before my first meal of the day, seven or eight hours later (currently following an IF type diet). I’ve been very pleased so far. My energy has been nice and even, rather than a quick spike followed by a crash. There’s been no nausea, despite taking it on an empty stomach for most of the day. I’ve felt very alert and focused, with no hand shaking. Also, I’ve actually been able to sleep at night. That’s a huge positive and not necessarily a given when taking a fat burner.

    Here is an odd thing that I’ve found: rather than getting hot when I take these like you would expect, I’ve actually had short bouts of chills each time, about an hour after taking them. I’ve no idea what that’s about, but overall my experience has been extremely positive and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy again.

  57. andrea meyer

    SO I have been lifting for a year now and trying to lean out a bit and get my motivation up and energy levels as well. I am a 155 lb female who lifts, and is trying to get down to 148. Within thirty minutes of taking one pill my face was flushed a bit. Hours later I tried two and blew through my morning workout like it was nothing (squatting at 80 and above percent maxes for singles and doubles) as well as heavy pulling stuff. After that I went to work and unlike most days wasn’t yawning and hazy like I normally am, Mind you I do the strict ketogenic diet 5 days a week. Anyways I tried three that afternoon and it was 55 degrees in the warehouse I work in and I was sweating my balls off! My focus was on all day, I blew through stupid paperwork shit like it was nothing and did some physical labor type stuff around the warehouse like it was nothing. Today I did 9 total pills split into three times (3 pills each time I took them). Still weating and not had any of the lags in energy that I normally have after lifting in the mornings and working over 8 hour workdays. I will keep you updated and do another review in a couple of weeks, and after I do my first upcoming lifting meet. Great shit so far! I have tried Cellucor products, and all kinds of shit at GNC in the past 4 years and none of them seemed to do much. Obviously this is just initial but thus far, I can tell this stuff is definitely doing SOMETHING, it is certainly cranking up my focus and energy so it MUST be burning some calories, and on top of that the energy has made me feel pretty good. Liking this shit so far! I also will be buying and reviewing the Cannibal Ferox when that comes out, since it is an actual pre-workout, and I am always keeping my eyes open for new shit that might give me an energy boost and a little something. So far the Inferno is tits.

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