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Cannibal Riot

Cannibal Riot

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Tired of preworkouts that are basically like drinking a cup of coffee laced with poison ivy?  Yeah, we are too.  We’d rather be a one-person riot in the gym, trashing PRs like they’re police barricades and rampaging through the gym like European college students through a WTO meeting.  That’s why we created the all-new Cannibal Riot, a pump and stimulant preworkout that will have you tweaking while your skin threatens to rip and spill all of your vascularity onto the floor.  


Our all-new, lunacy-inspired formula contains:

  • Beta Alanine- 3.2g of beta-alanine will boost your muscular endurance through the roof and make recovery so quick and painless you will wonder if you hit the gym hard enough.

  • L-Citrulline- With 2g of citrulline in each scoop, you’ll see a serious increase in your rep maxes… so if you’re thinking of challenging your partner to a death set, make sure you slam some Cannibal Riot first.

  • N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine- Fight off brain fog and all distractions with the laser-like focus that 500mg of N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine will give you.

  • Caffeine Anhydrous- With 350mg of caffeine per scoop, you’re probably not going to be wanting for energy.

  • VASO-6™- 300mg of our proprietary vascularity-inducing compound VASO-6, you’ll be a phlebotomist’s dream and the envy of everyone in the gym.

  • Glucoronolactone- This bad little nootropic has been shown to improve attention and verbal reasoning, so with 200mg of this stuff in each scoop you’ll be hyper-focused through your set and potentially able to out-argue anyone in the gym at the water fountain.

  • Isopropylnorsynephrine- The coup-de-etat of the entire formula is 20mg of isopropylnorsynephrine, or as you should think of it, synephrine gone Super Saiyan.  The perfect complement to caffeine, this super stimulant will raise your pulse and raise your metabolism.  What could be better than tearing into the weights with your fat burning furnace set to “Broil”?


Take 1/2 - 1 scoop in 8-10 oz of water 30 minutes prior to your workout. Warning: Start with half of a serving to access tolerance.

Cannibal Riot

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87 Reviews

  • Tyler Alwerdt

    Posted on 06 Jan 2018 5

    "The first time I took this I had the best work out of my life it increased my bench press 10 reps max by 20 pounds and my skull crushers increases by 20 or so , this product is definitely not for beginners this product shows the true passion and creativity of chaos and pain I have decided to switch mostly all products to Chaos

  • Redline

    Posted on 30 Dec 2017 5

    "This stuff tends to clump a bit in liquid and in the bottle (I'm assuming that's what the sale is about) but honestly, GREAT preworkout. I haven't had a flavor i don't like and, SMALL clumps or not, this stuff is amazing. My entire workout has intense energy, I haven't crashed on it, and my sets are a bit longer. I like this one and Ferox about the same. I stacked it with Permaswole and my pumps are better than with any other NO product so far."

  • Jeff

    Posted on 04 Dec 2017 5

    "Awesome product I power thru every time and give samples to my gym partners. They love it too. Beats anything out there!"

  • Chuck d

    Posted on 27 Nov 2017 5

    "I am more of a mountain biker than lifter but this product by far is the best thing I have had to date. I was ripping down and up hill faster than I usually do. I HIGHLY recommend this product. "

  • Aimee Hill

    Posted on 18 Oct 2017 5

    "Not only is the taste phenomenonal, but the focus and endurance gets me through working out at the crack of dawn. All with minimal tingling or "itching" like so many other products like this!! "

  • Justin

    Posted on 16 Oct 2017 5

    "Fucking fantastic! Great focus, no jitters"

  • Levi Raineri

    Posted on 16 Oct 2017 5

    "By far the best pre workout I've ever had. Intense energy, focus and muscle rebound for an incredible workout. Great taste and fast acting. The one and only pre workout for me! It's awesome! "

  • Daniel Nelson

    Posted on 03 Oct 2017 5

    "Never had a better pre-workout. Absolutely killed it! The energy, focus and drive I had were unreal with an insane pump! Hands down will use from here on out! Love it!"

  • Mike Y

    Posted on 03 Oct 2017 5

    "Excellent product, great energy, focus, and no crash for me."