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Cissus and CNP Mocha Shirt


Cissus Joint and Tendon Support

Called the “Bone Setter” in some cultures, Cissus quadrangularis is a traditional Indian medicine now used by modern athletes to treat bone and joint injuries, fight inflammation, and reduce joint pain.

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Chaos and Pain Tri-Blend Shirt Mocha Brown

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Cissus and CNP Mocha Shirt

Ah yes, another banger, well of course it is we made it.  Chaos and Pain has one real goal and that is to deliver the incontrovertibly best products and stacks to fit the needs of everyone who should use them.  Also, we want to push our apparel on you so we can get some free shameless plugs while you look like a boss wearing it.  But, we can all benefit from that and with this simple little stack we are giving you everything you need to do that and more.

Cissus: Most of the modern ingredients found in sports nutrition and general nutrition have been around for some time, thousands of years for some possibly even more for others.  Cissus quadrangularis or as the world before “science” called it the bone setter is just one of those ingredients.  As you would surmise there is some pretty powerful antidotal evidence to support the recovery and regenerative aspect of this ingredient with a name like that.  Along with that evidence this ingredient is backed up by a mountain of scientific studies.  To keep it simple a daily dose of 3,200mg was very effective at reducing joint pain and inflammation.  That is pretty powerful yet very simple to understand.

The Mocha Shirt:  This shirt right here has the full-blown ability to do everything magical you can imagine.  Just kidding, maybe, but ya we are, this is just an awesome shirt that will have you looking good inside of the gym or at the bar hanging out with your lifting partners talking about the gym while enjoying a sensational old fashion.  This is the perfect shirt for any activity and if you trash it you can get another for basically nothing.

The awesome deal with this little stack is that it can be stacked with other products from Chaos and Pain hopefully but really anything else on the market as well.  It is extremely versatile and should be added to your arsenal of health management supplements.


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