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CNP Complete Stack


Cannibal Riot Pre Workout

Cannibal Riot Pre Workout - One of the cleanest, hardest hitting pre-workouts on the market. Come in 4 flavors, and will get you up and moving - which helps with overall fitness and your workout.

Cannibal Permaswole Preworkout (Non-Stim)

Cannibal Permaswole Preworkout (Non-Stim) - We jammed every badass Nitric Oxide inducing ingredient into this beast of a stim-free pump pre-workout to assist in better workouts, bigger pumps, and improved nutrient delivery.  Cannibal Permaswole features the following rogue’s gallery of swole-producing compounds...

Chemical F - Fadogia Agrestis Supplement - Testosterone Aid

If you are one of these men moping around, sad, a shell of your former self, then you are probably wondering what in the world can be done and how can I do it. The idea that you are a carcass of your former self, unable to perform even the most menial task with any real ferocity because of a lack of testosterone is appalling at best...

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Punisher Skull Shirt

Blender Bottle

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CNP Complete Stack

  • Cannibal Riot High Stim Pre-Workout
  • Cannibal Permaswole Stim-Free Pump
  • Chemical F – Fadogia Agrestis
  • CNP Punisher Tee
  • CNP Shaker Bottle


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