tagline Black Gold Coffee!

Columbian Coffee 1lb 
Smooth and Balanced

Columbian Supremo Coffee 1lb Whole Bean

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Black Gold Coffee!


Black gold.  I’m not talking about oil here.  I’m talking about brain stimulating, energy enhancing, skull crushing, smooth tasting coffee!!  

And now Chaos and Pain is giving you the BEST Colombian coffee available.  Eat your heart out Tony Montana.

From the Huila region of Colombia, Chaos and Pain has gotten its hands on some of the best Arabica coffee in world!  With a screen size of 17 and 18, this Supremo coffee is guaranteed to go down smooth, and get you up quick!  If you want a TRUE Colombian coffee experience, upgrade your life with our new Chaos and Pain coffee.


Columbian Supremo Coffee 1lb Whole Bean - Chaos and Pain

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  • Bob K

    Posted on 04 Sep 2017 5

    "Fantastic coffee. The subtle aftertaste of caramel really gives it a kick. The stuff packs a nice dose of caffeine so if you love a strong coffee this is right up your alley. Blends very easy, and also tastes great. I could drink it straight up and it was fantastic. I like to add a touch of almond milk and coffee creamer and this was bomb. Highly suggest."

  • Jonathan

    Posted on 02 Sep 2017 5

    "I've been drinking voluminous quantities of coffee for years. I carry an AeroPress, grinder and vacuum canisters when I travel. Until now, Bulletproof whole bean has been my go to bean.

    CNP has outdone themselves on this one. Balanced flavor, delicious roast and a nice buzz without going jittery. The taste is my favorite part, too many coffees either don't care or try to be too smooth and lose the bite altogether. CNP has stumbled upon a flavor I can only describe as "old school". It tastes like I'm drinking the same stuff my grandpa drank in WW2, but better.

    Buy This!!!"

  • Jamie

    Posted on 08 Aug 2017 5

    "As soon as I saw chaos and pain was releasing a coffee I ordered it. Fast shipping as usual and before you know it was in my hands! Prepared both in an Aeropress and Chemex turned out great in both."