Chaos and Pain Destroy the Opposition  Powerlifting Opus Ebook.

Destroy the Opposition Powerlifting Opus



Destroy the Opposition

Destroy The Opposition is the definitive text on powerlifting as conceived by world record holder Jamie Lewis.  This book contains the routines of many of the most prolific and impressive champions and world record holders in powerlifting's history, Jamie's take on the performance of the three powerlifts, and programs for beginners, intermediate lifters, and advanced lifters.  
Chaos and Pain Destroy the Opposition Powerlifting Opus Ebook.

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  • ashley buhl

    Posted on 26 Dec 2018 5

    "Looking forward to starting this program!"

  • Jeff

    Posted on 27 Sep 2017 5

    "The ebook covers a wide variety of different powerlifting routines used throughout time, with a great template at the back for routines. Using these templates with the different routines specified seems to be a great way to learn quickly what will work best for each individual and and weight to their totals the quickest. "

  • James

    Posted on 23 Aug 2017 5

    "As usual, an incredible eBook from Jamie Lewis. Anyone can write a routine and charge for it but only a few will do the research and practice in the gym what they espouse. Jamie's numbers and physique speak volumes. You can get some floughy size or you can get hard, jacked size. Get the book and pay for it. You will not regret it. "

  • Mando V

    Posted on 13 Dec 2016 5

    "i like to read several ebooks and just attempt to learn as much as possible. I have yet to finish this ebook but from the half i've read, it is a well thought-out database of knowledge. Definitely recommend picking this up for your collection"

  • Jacek Toczydlowski

    Posted on 27 Jul 2016 5

    "Heaps of knowledge neatly served and wrote with some serious fucking panache!"

  • Ben

    Posted on 17 Feb 2016 5

    "I'll keep this short and sweet. This is a great book for people who actually like lifting heavy and reading about lifting heavy. There are plenty of training templates and ideas here, training principles too. But more importantly (for me at least), there is a ton of info about the iron game, the training philosophies of famous lifters, and obscure lifters with great facial hair. I re-read parts of this book on a weekly basis, just to remember that strength is awesome.

    I file this book under both "training advice" and "fun and inspiring to read."

    I guess this wasn't that short. "

  • Mike

    Posted on 24 Jan 2016 5

    "Being a fan of high volume - high intensity training, I loved this book. I've always had a hard time programming this way without getting burned out. This book, and the ideas presented, let you put together a balanced and brutal program. There's also a ton of loading protocols to experiment with. "

  • GB

    Posted on 19 Oct 2015 5

    "Great historical book with very researched facts. There is a tremendous amount of knowledge inside these pages. The fact that you can choose from various routines / programs makes it even more valuable. The writing style is also very motivating. Amazing read."

  • Mike

    Posted on 11 Sep 2015 5

    "This book is a terrific read and the points made in it are super sound, very well thought out and explained. The programming is amazing. "