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Into today’s world dominated by the fast-paced lifestyles of the rich and famous, which is then poured down to the lowliest of us, there is one major issue being that of little time to sleep in this world of wonder. The irony being that a lack of sleep leads to an early grave, almost like we are attempting to avoid it or stave it off by not sleeping but that is the sanative calamity of sleep itself. 

The notion that you can avoid sleep entirely is preposterous, the outcome grody and thus dilapidating the body over time, becoming some form of the modern zombie.  Image slowly descending everyday into a worse and worse state, the cure so close, but since you are human and stupid beyond belief, a creature who doesn’t understand that sleep is good and will not kill you, you truck on being stupid. 

This deteriorative state is curable with a simple solution, sleep, more sleep, or proper amounts of sleep that support what is now known as lucid dreaming.  So, if any of that made sense hoop on down to the next paragraph for more information on what may save your life from COVID and all the other existential threats going on today, duh, its sleep.

So, what can be done to improve the human form past this pre-diabetic mouth breathing dredge that most of us have become.  The human form has become a plague, something out of a horror movie, gross gelatinous and sweating on every surface it passes.  Like a horde of miniature versions of the blob or a bunch of Nurgle fan boys coming forth to give the gift of smelling like liquid garbage but somehow being incontinently happy with the current situation is the current state of the human form. 

As with every problem facing humanity we just simply must start somewhere, the human body now is probably more comparable to a crack addict being held together by duct tape just trying to figure out when it can free base another chicken wing.  In a fashion that seems logical, you always improve a group of something by bringing up the middle to lower portions to move the average up higher, thus lifting the entire group average faster. 

So, we will go ahead and remove things like improved exercise, improved diet or really anything that requires that people put some type of effort forward, people are garbage, and this is predominantly why the world is dying from a disease where you literally have to not be a fat cow to survive.  I am of course talking about obesity not the COVID-19 but being far less fat will help you survive that as well.  Most individuals dying of the COVID-19 have multiple comorbidities, generally being fat is one of them.

Now that I have rambled on about how awesome humanity has become let’s talk about one of the best ways to fix the human psyche and form.  Sleep is probably the best way in which anybody with any body structure can start to better themselves. Obviously, if you have destroyed your body such that even sleeping, literally something as simple as closing your eyes cannot be preform, then well you may want to look in a mirror and really figure out your life before you succumb to that widow maker or whatever it maybe.

So, we have determined that simply sleeping better is a good way to start off being healthier.  You have gotten this far in this article. Which in of itself is a miracle for the caliber of individual that frequent the good ole Chaos and Pain blog.  So, what does better, and deeper sleep get you in the long run.  Let’s dive right into the meat of this stew.

There are two pretty apparent and noticeable actions that happen when you receive the good ole doctor prescribed amount of sleep. These being the ability for the brain to operate at a much higher level of cognition.  Imagine your windows computer never resets or updates. Now is a pile of trash paper weight, yes, that is your brain without sleep. 

When proper sleep is attained the mind will be focused. There will be an obvious increase to mood in the body.  This support in mood will also keep the wildly arrogant hormones in check. Which will keep an individual on a far more even keel mentally.  As you can probably assume or prognosticate this will lead to a decrease in mental disorders. Which is often associated with individuals who have a chronic lack of sleep.  It is almost as if sleep is the bodies way to regulate hormones and reset itself every day. Thus if this cycle is broken you will be broken.

Since we live in a world akin to the days of the black plague according to the news media. Everyone just spontaneously bursting into flames, going mad as if they just witnessed Cthulhu playing hopscotch. Everybody is frightened by the virus that ending the world. Well, not really, more of a joke if you have a righteous immune system. 

The single easiest way to bolster the immune system is sleep.  Hopefully you put that plastic bag over your head. When this science hits you and your head explode, illuminating your couch with brain matter, it’s not my fault. During your sleepy time the brain release what is known as cytokines. These promote sleep but more importantly they engage in warfare to protect the body. Furthermore, from horrible things like inflammation, stress, disease, etc. 

As you can guess a lack of sleep means there is a lack of these little bad boys. Thus making you weak and frail.  Being weak and frail is the direct opposite of what we are trying to achieve here. Do not go that route or you will become nothing more than a shill of your former glory.

Now, let’s talk about the gains and the individuals who are gravitationally challenged.  As you can gather sleep controls pretty much everything in your life worth anything. Weird to think, the time when you are literally doing zero, being totally useless you are gaining the most. This concept sometimes almost seems counterintuitive from the outside, weird I know. 

Anyway, sleep is important and much of weight loss and management revolves around the proper amount on it. There have been numerous studies that would suggest individuals that would be deemed, short sleepers, are more likely to have elevated body fat.  The consequence would be that the increase in cortisol would lead to and support this disastrous parlay. 

There is also some evidence that would suggest that a contradictory insulin response could occur. Leading to pour uses in blood sugar and insulin in the body.  Basically, the body becomes somewhat insulin resistant, this is bad. Giving the perception that you are far hungrier than you really are.  This obviously leads to overeating and thus increasing one’s fatness.

The above is straight forward. The less you sleep the more likely you are to be human garbage, barring some wild genetic adaptation, which you probably don’t have.  Ideally this is the part where we sell you Hypnos because hay, that would make the most amount of sense.  Now that you know you need sleep how about buying our sweet ass sleep aid product. It is a win win for everybody.


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