Good evening my friends, hope everyone is making it through this disaster known as COVID-19. Whatever world wrecking name you want to give this abomination of an event that has become a nexum of a deal.  With the upheaval of the simple freedom of locomotion for many. The masses have received a large influx of what can only be known as fat, aka getting fatter.  Through this outbreak of said pandemic and the closure of institutions like gyms of all variety’s, parks, and really any type of leisure recreational areas. 

Without these areas we have possibly become even fatter than before. The access to any food, mainly the unhealthier variety being relatively unchanged, the perfect storm.  This quagmire of events has led to a simple problem across the world, weight gain and lots of it.  

The first step in fighting the war is to understand what you are dealing with. Without the understanding of what you face or the simple mechanics of what you are going up against works, you will undoubtedly find yourself at the losing end of that battle.  It is generally and tactically better to enter a fight in which you know all the scenarios that can go wrong and already have all the roads mapped out to victory, in simple terms preparation is key.

Now let’s understand the enemy, fats, and what that means.  As you can assume with the intricacy of the human body, nothing is simple.  As you can assume there are then multiple types of fats in the body.  We will start with the most potent, Visceral fat, the most dangerous kind.  This type of fat is stored around the abdominal cavity of the body.  Generally, it is located around and near vital organs in the mid-section.  This type of fat is the most toxic to an individual’s overall health.  The good news to this fat is that it is extremely hard to know how much of it you have in the body.

Visceral fat is often just calculated as a percentage of all body fat, 10% is the standard.  You can assume this is the most dangerous type of fat, actively always working against your health.  This fat apparently has the magical ability to start effecting your health right away.  One of the main issues that can surface is an increase to insulin resistance in the body.  This fat can even cause an increase in the retinol-binding protein that is excretes which causes these insulin issues.  But wait, there’s more, as you can assume there is a litany of health problems that come from visceral fat.  Will name a few; heart attacks, heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, stroke, cancers and possibly Alzheimer’s.

Now, onward on our fatty adventure, see what I did there, made a pun.  Now on to the body’s other primary type of fat known as subcutaneous fat.  As you can probably put together if 10% of all fats is the super evil visceral fat then the other percentage is the subcutaneous fat.  This type of fat is set under the skin and has more functions and actions than you may think.  Though, through the eyes of a modern day morbidly obese American, all fat is bad. For the most part this fat is good in moderation.  This is the fat that has your back. When you are starving in the woods, lost for days, hoping to not die.  

Obviously, the average American is ready for a full-on shipment to Mars with no sustenance to support said journey, but I digress.  Also, as the romans found out this fat aids in the protection of the body and other organs from injury, thus making fattier gladiators a far better spectacle when injured and bloody, allowing for a greater survival rate as well.  See, fats can be cool in blood sports to the death.  You would assume and be correct that fats aid in blood flow as well as support temperature regulations in the body.  As with the other fat type you can assume that if you carry too much subcutaneous fat you will be adding a comorbidity that will likely kill you at some point or comprise your body to such an extreme that you will likely suffer a horrific death on a ventilator, all while being 100% preventable.

As you can ascertain, the acquisition of these fats is straight forward, your intake more calories than you burn.  Your body, through billions of years of development does what it does best, uses or stores this precious energy.  You do have to remember that not too long-ago humans were barely figuring out how a simple wheel worked and didn’t have the luxury of a car or iPhone.  Survive or parish every single minute of every single day, and over time we arrived here as a collective whole.  Imagine every iteration of your ancestry fighting for survival, conquering the impossible for you to be a Cheeto covered bucket of garbage.  Sometimes it’s almost painful to even think about that thought and see what most of the humankind has become, a deplorable abomination of what could have been for the most part.

However, there is hope, now that the virus is on the ropes and some of the holy churches of iron are starting to reopen, there is light at the end of the tunnel. The best part of the increased exercise and burning of the fats is that visceral fat is extremely receptive to exercise, which is probably the first good piece of news this article has presented.  You must remember one simple fact. Your body is essentially a machine that was built to survive through locomotion, not eat 15 pizzas a day and be a piece of trash.

Reading the above it is simple, now that you have gained some weight from the COVID-19 lock down, or maybe you were already a little bit rotund; you can change that, it really is nothing more than a mindset.  The idea of body acceptance for being morbidly obese is nonsense and should be treated as such.  If you do not value your life or care for yourself, then go for it. Be that fatty you want to be.  If you do value your life, then you need to put in the work and remove that fat asap.  The equation is simple intake less calories than you burn and consume a great deal of protein.


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