At this point I assume everyone is no stranger to the COVID19 crisis. What in the wide world of sports is going on in the world regarding this virus. If for some reason you are living under a large rock in the middle of the woods or maybe a pineapple under the sea, then you know that the world has been taken over. A Corona type virus that is specifically attacking the respiratory system of the body.  In a nutshell, we are thus screwed. Until a vaccine is found this will more than likely become a yearly flu like epidemic that will ravage the elder and obese crowds.  A vaccine takes 18 months to make. Seeing that every scientist is getting down with funky town in the laboratories we can assume it will be far more expedited. Hopefully only allowing for one season of this disaster.

As a society we are learning fast that we are basically mother nature’s plaything. Therefore, can get a slice of humble pie in the form of a virus. As it destroys the lungs of people who are already chronically ill mostly through very poor selfcare.  The anecdotal evidence that is coming forward, is suggesting that being in some semblance of health is probably the single best indicator that you will survive.  At least last a few days in one of these extinction type of events that seem to come at us biannually.

The basic premise for living longer is to have a battle harden body that can take on most anything. Survive long enough to weather the storm, instead of crumbling, like we see across the world. Where decades of neglect are stacked like megalithic pyramids of pure suckage in the human body.  These bodies of pure suckage as you can assume have very poor immune systems, cardiovascular systems and over all anything good.  The only good thing is they probably aren’t taking up space like furniture in your local gym, but I digress. 

The best analogy you can look at is let’s say take a 1987 Camaro, Cherry Red, sexy little number and let’s say you don’t ever change the oil in it and then let it sit in your front you’re for I don’t know 25 years being a dilapidated pile of garbage never to run properly again.  This is basically what you are doing to your body. When you treat it like literal human garbage for 25 years and then hope it can fire up and run when you need it the most to escape the ruinous powers at hand that are coming to cave your lungs in like Tonya Harding knees, ya, not fun at all.

So, in this case there are a few things you can do to start off not sucking. These will help support your immune system to fight off the virus plagues of 2020 and beyond.  First off, if you are a long-term chronic smoker, then well, you made your choice long ago. You can probably kiss your ass goodbye if something comes along that attacks the very things you are currently doing your best to annihilate 15-20 times per day. 

If you are a smoker, then YOLO SWAG as the kids says hope it was fun.  The single best step toward not sucking as a human and becoming an all-out Astarte’s space marine is to just work out, simple exercise.  It weirdly so happens that exercise can support the flushing out of bacteria in the lungs and airways. Which ironically would help against a flu type virus that specifically attacks the lungs. 

Exercising also can change the physiological structures inside of the body. By increasing white blood cell counts that will help with the overall execution style slaughter of any frivolous virus that may happen by.  Directly correlated with exercise. Probably the biggest issuance of more comorbidities is an individual’s weight in relation to their body fat percentage.  Basically, if you are a fat obese piece of garbage you can all but assume your organs and supporting system are but of the same caliber of garbage.  If you are extra fat, then it is basically one big suck fest that leads to a full-on suck rave, good luck.

First, let’s unpack the word comorbidity, which is the fancy doctor term. If you are fat then you likely have auxiliary types of illnesses that can be compounding to the main issues or can become an exacerbated issue that takes center stage. Being fat and getting fatter is like the rich get on getting richer. It just seems to be easier the further you go down that road.  These additional conditions only add to the problem. We are seeing with COVID19 they are pretty much turning people into the grim reapers best case scenario.  Your best bet is to maintain a healthy body weight which will support a boosted the immune system.

Obviously, your diet will play a major role in how your immune system functions. It is more of the same, treat it like trash and you’ll get trash in return.  If you can maintain a healthy diet, doesn’t even have to be perfect, just assume your entire body isn’t healthy or functioning at any level needed to survive if you are not.  It may be finally time to look at adding some fruits and vegetables to your diet. However, it could save your life in the end.  It is no secret that individuals who live in poverty and are malnourished are far more vulnerable to infectious disease. This is directly from a Harvard review.  A quality multi vitamin for the most part can handle most of these issues in areas of need on a macro scale.

Looking at everything related to immune health it is straight forward. Lift weights do some type of cardio and attempt to not destroy your body with drugs and alcohol as best as possible.  Remember that for the most part the work you put in your body you will get out in some fashion. Waiting till a disaster happens to “get it right” is probably a sure-fire way to end up dead.  Always start earlier, don’t be the idiot buying 50 cases of toilet paper who’s going to die anyways because they are morbidly obese.


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