Chaos and Pain



They always say "One foot in front of the other" right? When you think of the “greats” in our society, whether it be sports, fitness, history, or heroes in lore from eons ago, do you think they accomplished anything worthy to remember without embracing adversity? As a society, we easily forget how good we have it every day. Due to constant advances in technology, a fruitful economy (more or less), and a safe environment to be raised in, many jumps at the chance to proclaim how hard they have it or blame others for their personal faults.

Firstly, the reality is that life isn’t supposed to be easy! If you expect to be waited on hand and foot, or having things given to you on a silver platter, you’re in for a rude awakening. The reason many people are living unhappy and depressing lifestyles is because they ALLOW it. If more people used the energy, they put into complaining on social media about how much they hate “X,” and instead put that energy towards figuring out how to do what they love, the world would be happier, more productive, and self-sustainable. But alas, here we are in 2018 where there are virtually limitless options to pursue your dreams and make them a reality. Unfortunately, the most consistent trend I see in people is fear. Instead of admitting it, they develop poor excuses such as:

  • “I don’t have enough time.” 
  • “I’m in too much debt.” 
  • “My friends/family think it’s a dumb idea.”
  • “I’m going to have a huge loss in pay if I quit.” 

Regardless of what’s coming out of their mouth, I can smell their fear. Now obviously, fear can be viewed as a good thing. Even a positive concept for survival. Fear is needed to negate downright stupidity and poor choices. However, what it comes down to is not allowing fear to control your life. You can’t let fear dominate you. Instead, you need to dominate fear.

Your choice: One foot forward or two steps back

I find it sad when I talk to people, whether in passing, on a trip, or in class, who hate what they're doing. They lack mental tenacity and fortitude to push on through mediocrity. The adage goes, "One foot in front of the other." No one achieved their vision overnight. This is the problem. People don’t want to put in the work. Plenty of people have sold their cars or anything they could make a profit on to support their dreams when they were on their last few dollars. What will you gain? Happiness! Being able to wake up every day doing what you love. There is truly nothing better in life.

“But Ian, that’s easy for you to say. You’ve been at this game for a while.” Well, no shit Sherlock! Never waver from your heart's desire if you have it. There is no substitute for hard work, learning to love discomfort, and embracing the odds. Furthermore, if you’re reading this as an entrepreneur and you’re completely content with your success, you done fucked up son! You need to wake up early, go to bed late, and maximize your day. You sign your death warrant the moment you add "satisfied" to your vocabulary. Whether you're a business owner, a salesperson, an artist, a musician, a fitness trainer, a teacher, etc., you should always be looking for methods and techniques to refine your craft. You could close a new deal, paint a new painting, record a new track, set a new PR, or help people in a class learn something new. There are ALWAYS ways to be better, fluid, and stronger in the mind and body.

But what does it all come back to? You, the reader. You, and you alone, are responsible for your failures, your accomplishments, and your potential growth. The first step into the black void of the unknown is the scariest. You will have to deal with the variables, the haters, and the competitors that will try them damnedest to take the food off your table. Hell, let them try, and show them why they shouldn’t have fucking doubted your will to persevere. One foot in front of the other is the process. How bad you want it is your motivation.

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