As many of you blood thirsty savages know, who follow Chaos and Pain like a pack of wild animals, fully know that we have been producing and in the Nootropic game for some time now.  This faction of products that have been produced in the dietary supplement world are uniquely interesting in every way, mainly because they are counterculture to the main stays.  As the industry was starting to grow in the more infantile stages there where only a few types of products fat burners, proteins, pre-workouts, and then pro-hormones came into the picture.  This thinking started to propel what is now modern-day supplementation into the stratosphere.  There was an idea now that products could almost become situationally specific or sport specific and thus become far more useful in their intended use.  Case and point you can now see products specially tailored to the keto diet or very niche specific aspects of fitness that would not have been available 5,10,20 years ago.

The need in the market was very clean, when Chaos and Pain saw the barren waste land that was the nootropic category, it had to be done.  You would think that the single most important part of your body, literally the apparatus that makes all things even possible, yes, the dam brain would have gotten some appreciation for its continued devotion to the team, never failing to miss a day, well, that’s another topic, some of you are lumpish at best.  With the ever-growing science in the neurological categories, we are learning quick that we made a horrible mistake in not making products around the ideas of improved mental function.

With the pure neglect that was happening to the cerebral portion of the body Chaos and Pain decided that it was high time that the world opened its eyes to what was missing.  The simple notion that one would not work out the mind as much as the body was laughable and with the new data arising, we are learning it was downright foolish.  Chaos and Pain went down a road of discovery, almost an age of enlightenment, a supplement renaissance, you get the picture now at this point.  The idea was elementary yet mosaic in a sense, we were going to build the greatest nootropic possible with the best ingredients available.  The sole purpose of the products was to improve brain function at all levels effectively.

The first of Chaos and Pain’s Nootropic products was born on the idea that mental health and function was paramount to basically anything in life, without it you are basically nothing, a piece of furniture just always in the way.  The idea, similar to weightlifting was to supplement different aspects of the brain to turn an individual into an intellectual deity, well as best as possible, there’s just no hope for some of you the idea is to put the brain into drive so to speak, making it function at an exceptional level throughout the day.  Here is a quick list of ingredients in Genius:

  • L-Tyrosine – Supports the boosting of energy and is a stress reliever. Basically, a double edge sword that works in your favor for once.
  • Alpha GPC – Powerful ingredient that supports cognition in the body and helps improve power output. This ingredient also supports an increase in growth hormone production.
  • Lions Mane Extract – Supports a reduction in anxiety, depression, and cognitive decline.
  • Beta-Phenylethylamine PEA – Supports an increase in creativity, sexuality, attention, mental activity, motivation, alertness, energy, and sensory perception.
  • Rhodiola Rosea – Supports the stabilization of mood, lowers anxiety, promotes mental function, improves sleep and alter perceived difficulties of task.
  • Bacopa Monnieri – Supports a reduction in social anxiety and depression.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous – Powerful neuro stimulant
  • L-Theanine – Promotes a state of wakeful relaxation.

If you pop on your thinking cap and really ponder on the combinations and sets of ingredients in Cannibal Genius, you will begin to realize that it’s no more different than that of feeding your muscles in a sense.  The issue with the brain being that if you can increase its overall production and load capacity in any and every way you could assume that it could translate to other muscles throughout the body.  Caffeine is a prime example of this, people tend to view caffeine as a performance enhancing substance but when it is a neuromuscular enhancing substance.  First and foremost, it makes the brain function far better in simple terms.  The supplementary or secondary aspect of this is increased power output in the body.  This is just one example of how these nootropics can work.

Another aspect of Genius, unrelated totally to weightlifting is the mental health of generally everyone in the world.  It seems almost every day a new abhorrent crisis is taking its toll on the world both physically and mentally.  These events combined with debt that makes no sense and just about any type of social issue you can think of has put people into a dreadful situation mentally, many find themselves unable to deal with or handle these perceived events.  The horrendous aspect to all of this is the compounding factor of just daily living and how it affects the brain through stress and anxiety.  As the world slowly slips into the current disaster that is COVID-19 with all the job losses and really just about everything bad that can happen present at one time, the mental toll for many folks is mounting.

You do not have to take our word for it go out and research the above ingredients and see what you find.  The long story short answer is you will not be disappointed in Cannibal Genius. 

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